Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Unique Darts

Whilst playing in the Canterbury Open Singles I chalked a game being played by John Henry from Timaru. John is a very well known player in the South Island and has been in many South Island rep teams.. I had to take a second look when his darts first hit the board as his darts are so thin. If you look at the photo they are thinner than the end of the stem. He told me he had been playing with those darts since 1979 when he first started playing. When he purchased them they were 18 grams but through the wear and tear of all those years of play they had worn down to 11 grams. They are made of copper tungsten which I understand is used no more because it was soft and did wear. When I first looked at them I thought they must have been machined down. John assures me it is just wear and tear. He is a bit concerned they may one day snap so has had some spares made to match. He has played for 35 years and those darts have served him well hitting over 1400 x 180's in NZDC registered competitions.


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