Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tricky Decision For NZDC

On 19th April 2013 the Marriage ( Definition of Marriage) Amendment Act 1013 came into law allowing same sex couples to marry. What does that mean for darts you might be thinking. Well at the NZDC National Darts Championships in Nelson I understand the NZDC is calling a special General meeting to discuss amongst other things the implications of the Act on darts. Specifically the NZDC Husband and Wife Darts Championship. It may mean gay married couples are allowed to play in the Husband and Wife or it may mean discontinuing with it.
I usually have an opinion on everything but don't on this one. I do not envy the NZDC having to make a decision on this. That is probably why it is going to be discussed at the Special general meeting to get feedback.
I have never played in the husband and wife as I am not married but speaking to some that do I know they really enjoy it and its a lot of fun and very social. It would certainly change the energy ( Trying to select the right word there) of the event.
If you feel strongly one way or the other on this issue that would be a good meeting to attend.
If any male out there thinks they can propose to me so we can play ( That maybe wrong word ) I am unavailable.

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  1. Strange that Peter, you always told me after 1 beer you were anybodys....