Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hi Players, AEMs & Supporters,
                      From what I’ve got to tell you, I know you are all going to say why the hell! Didn’t we have this information months ago, for that I say sorry to you the players but I had no control over when the information was to be made public.

Well here it is, there will be a TV series with the top eight players from Europe and a further eight players making it 16 who will play in the Australian Masters which will be filmed live in the Big-Top at Luna Park in Sydney this year.

We have been asked to supply one of the 16 players to this end which I know is very short notice, so once again I apologize to you the players. The Tournament to find this player will be held and played on TUESDAY the 9th of July, 2013 at the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, with entries closing at 12.30pm and the Tournament start time to 1.00pm.

The winner will receive a return trip to Aus to compete in this event, which will be held on the 29th  *  30th  *  31st of August.

Also the Test & 3 Opens with an extra inclusion of the Oceanic being played this year at the same time, makes going to Aus a worthwhile trip. Most of who you see on TV from the PDC will be there, so if any player or supporter would like to go over Please make contact with any of the people below who are: from Auckland Taffy AEM or Peter Page, in Wellington Duncan Ellis AEM or Craig Caldwell, and in the South-Island Dale Frampton.

What I can tell you so far about cost is the Van $140.00, Accommodation at Warilla is $320.00 for 5 nights, in Sydney where sky is the limit our 3 days should cost about $220.00 which is bloody good I’m still working on this deal because it is within walking distance. Also to book your flight make contact with any of the above people and they will tell you what flight to book on, then you can go on line and book it yourself.

Don’t wait there is only 44 beds booked, so be in.

I will get a more detailed costing out to everyone over the next 48hrs, so that your AEMs can be more informative.

P.S. keep your eye on that E-mail, because everything is going to happen at Short Notice!!

Cheers      DIGGER.


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