Saturday, June 29, 2013

DPA Results

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The DPA is definitely pushing ahead with the promotion of darts in Australia and this is resulting in recognition from the PDC in the UK (DPA and DPNZ are aligned with the PDC). The previous double header weekend's results from the Nerang Darts Club on the Gold Coast where Kyle Anderson and James Bailey won the Saturday and Sunday events featured on the PDC website, demonstrating that the PDC takes Australian darts seriously at the moment. Can NZ follow and raise the profile of the game here as well? To let us know what you think click on the comments below...


  1. I would have to say Peter It all starts at the "top"... If you have good administrators who are prepared to use vision and foresight at local level then things will happen moving forward, and I see DPNZ as such a vehicle to move the game on with constant improvements.
    If you stagnate then ultimately you will become a dinosaur, sorry to say NZDC should wake up to this and stop pussy footing around before its to late! or has this already begun?


  2. I would completely agree...I know there are still a few areas that DPNZ are currently working through but at least they are always looking for that progression to change, putting the game first then the players and ultimately giving every NZ dart player something to aspirer to at the greatest hights of our sport .NZDC have never done that....a chance to play against one of the worlds top 8 , its not a dream now , you actually have a chance to live it... so what the hell are you all waiting for !

  3. Yes totaly correct,nzdc are run by dinosours so progression was and still is very slow,and the selection process has failed many times,by no means putting the players that play nzdc events down they are very good players but they could be much better if nzdc get there heads out of the sand and look after them like dpnz do for there players,one example not sending a team to the world champs shame on you,every country should be represented just look at what mike day and rob zabo have done for the image and strenght of darts in NZ,maybe they should merge with dpnz and put all resoures in one and go for it.