Friday, May 31, 2013

New Zealand Dart Council News

Here is some great news for out best players. It is a copy of notice sent to all members by the secretary of NZDC Paula Masoe.

28 May 2013

To all Members

The Board of Directors met on 10 May 2013 and made the following decisions:

1. There will be 4 Men and 4 Ladies plus reserves selected at the NZ Championships, known as the NZ Squad. These players will be sponsored to attend all the WDF Tournaments in New Zealand and two off shore tournaments. This will be an ongoing assistance, not just for 2013, but for future years.

2. All Host Associations will receive assistance towards running the NZ Ranked and WDF Ranked tournaments in 2013.

3. The Host Associations of the NZ Junior & Youth Championship will receive assistance towards the cost of running these Championships.

4. The New Zealand Ranking Table Awards have been increased to:

                                          1st                  $500
                                         2nd                  $250
                                         3rd                  $150
                                         4th                  $100

BDO Ranking System

At the Board of Directors meeting, the new BDO Ranking System was discussed at length. They have concerns concerning the eligibility of players and tournaments, which are set out in the BDO Ranking System rules. We are awaiting clarification of these points and will advise the outcome.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Paula Masoe
General Secretary


  1. This of course is great news, however this reader is still upset that we don't we will not have a team for the world cup, I hope this isn't a distraction from this issue.
    If nzdc can provide the funding assistance in local regards then surely we could have sent a team to the WORLD cup!!!!!!!!!!
    I'll put my hand in my pocket and help aid a player if need be. I still feel the directors could do more in this area.
    We need leaders with foresight....

  2. This is not great news. The cost of sending 8 players to nz tournaments and 2 offshore tournaments each is still quite a cost. Ok it is good to see something as compensation for not sending a team.However that money should of been used towards sending a team. I feel sorry for anyone selected in the team in a way if its their first time as its a token gesture. You wont get to play for your country. Can you say you represented NZ in an international match. No you cant. I guess it wont be such a problem for players that have been their before. You cant make your test debut if you dont take the field and play.The money would have much been better spent towards a world cup. Im sure clubs and regions would help fundraise if need be for their player who made the team. Another lost opportunity.Especially as there are some top darts being thrown around NZ at the moment.


  3. Couldn't agree more with the above comments.mindboggling really.We should be promoting our players overseas .This gives them international experience.Most of the top players go to a lot of the ranked tournaments in NZ anyway so nothing special for them.Unlike a world cup.

  4. couldn't agree more with all above.... is this just something to save face....Bring on the charters. I going to aussie wether I make the test team or least Charters are trying to put the game of darts first, Players will follow