Monday, May 20, 2013

Lou Tai Hits 12 dart 701

At the Bay Of Plenty NZDC Region playoffs held over the weekend Lou Tai hit the perfect leg of 701. He threw 180, 180, 180 161 finish. That is is nearly unbelievable. Absolutely fantastic news. Well done Lou.. It might be world first. There are not many  701 singles competitions out there. This could be the first official one. Anyone out there heard of it happening before. It has to be a first in New Zealand.  Many thanks to Graham McGregor for the report.


  1. Awesome darts, I hope this gets into the record books, I think this is a first

  2. I know the soft tip players consider a 14 darter a perfect game. 12 bulleyes, T17, bullseye.
    That is simply amazing darts by Lou!!