Monday, May 13, 2013

DPNZ news.

There is going to be a series of DPA dart tournaments in Australia at Wollongong just South of Sydney and in Sydney between  26th August 2013 and 1st September 2013 in which  a Clubs NZ team of men and ladies will be competing and in which NZ supporters can compete also.. All details are not yet out but will be out soon according to DPNZ Director Dale Frampton. Last year about 60 NZ'ers took part when it was held on the Gold Coast. It is likely there will be more this year. I went last year and  very much enjoyed it. Of course last year Phil Taylor and Simon Whitlock took part. If rumours are true this year it is going to be bigger and better.

Looking on the DPA website it looks like the tournaments will be the Oceanic Masters, the Australian Masters and Australian Open as well as no doubt an Australia versus NZ test match. Come on the Kiwis. Of course if it is confirmed that the Oceanic Masters is to be one of the tournaments the winner will win a trip to England to compete in the world darts champs. Let's hope it happens and let's hope its a kiwi. Come on the kiwis.

As details are released I will put them on the blog and they will also be on the Capital Darts site and North Otago site. There are just rumours and speculation at moment but hopefully it is going to be as good as they say.

For those interested in going the cost last year was about $1200 for air flights, 7 nights accommodation, all entry fees and van hire on the DPNZ organised package. There were 40 players, supporters and officials in that group last year and about 20 other kiwis who organised there own groups.


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