Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Crying Shame

It was a crying shame that the New Zealand Dart Council never sent a NZ representative team to the World Cup of darts held in Ireland in 2011 and its is a crying shame that they are not going to send a team to the World Cup of darts in Canada later this year. This happened because the NZDC did not have the funds and will not go to the regions, associations and players to make up the shortfall.
However there is a tiny ray of light and hope for our best dart players who aspire to play at an international level with the silver fern on their chest and playing the best of the best in top International arenas. Those of you who have read this blog regularly and follow darts closely know that the British Darts Organisation who organise the Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships have thrown out a lifeline by inviting New Zealand amongst other countries and regions to send their top male player and if I read their information right top lady player to the Lakeside to compete. In the past players had to compete at international events in NZ and overseas to accumulate points that got them a starting place in the tournament. It was a hard and expensive road to travel. Now we have been given the gift of a spot to the male who has most points after Alan King memorial ( Dunedin Open), Auckland Open, Canterbury Open, NZ Masters, NZ Open, North island Masters, South island Masters and Ted Clement Open ( Levin). And it seems a spot to the lady with most points after NZ Open and NZ Masters.The current points for NZ players can be found at the following link.
I applaud this. If darts is to grow we need our best players to shine on TV. The Lakeside is a great opportunity. Kiwis doing well markets darts in NZ . It will bring in more players more sponsors and more money. Which means the NZDC can better be able to fund teams to the World Cup and other events.
I know there a few of our top players making a big effort to gather those points, top the table and go. It is costing them money to chase the points and many hours of effort on the practice board to realise their dreams of standing on one of the greatest stages for darts on TV and competing against the best in front of a huge world wide Television audience.
My fear is that the NZDC is going to pull the rug out from beneath the feet of those aspirants at the finishing post. If they did not intend to accept the invitation they should make an official announcement now and save everyone the disappointment. The disappointment of the players involved and the disappointment of those who love this game in NZ and want to see our best against the world's best. If they intend to send those players they should announce that and provide certainty for those aspire to go and those who support them.
It will be a crying shame if no one gets to go.


  1. Damn Well Said Peter...
    I guess this has been the case for a wee while now and this is just confirmation that if we don't send a player this time round we are going into oblivion in comparison to the rest of the world. Its no shame to realize this is happening with the current administration, but to deny and do nothing is shameful to all the players. They should come out and resign if they are not up to it, and let someone who will be prepared to pick up the game and move it along. Clubs NZ will soon I believe become the official Darts in NZ, should NZDC sit back and do nothing to achieve getting back to the world stage... Get on with it NZDC and put us back on the map Please.

  2. Good on you Peter. Lets hope the NZDC leadership read this blog and take this on board. The game is getting bigger but NZ is not keeping up and this an opportunity from the BDO that we should not let slip.

  3. i did here that they wont be sending a player this time around...