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Thursday Night - Club Night

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Club Night Results Thursday 30th May

28 Players attended club night this week with 14 qualifying for the knockout rounds

FINAL: Ken Moir bt Troy Henderson
Third equal were Dean Faithfull  and Monty Tuhua

Highest Finishes:
Monty 139, 101, Ken Moir 112,100, Troy 110, 106, Maine Ngametua 121, Lou Williams 120, Issac Lewis 112, Moe Charlie 112

Stacey Heavey, Claudette Smith, Ken Moir, Moe Charlie, Dean Faithfull.

Special mention to Stacey and Claudette who achieved their first 180s, Well Done ! 

Club Night is held every Thursday at 7PM. All Welcome

New Zealand Dart Council News

Here is some great news for out best players. It is a copy of notice sent to all members by the secretary of NZDC Paula Masoe.

28 May 2013

To all Members

The Board of Directors met on 10 May 2013 and made the following decisions:

1. There will be 4 Men and 4 Ladies plus reserves selected at the NZ Championships, known as the NZ Squad. These players will be sponsored to attend all the WDF Tournaments in New Zealand and two off shore tournaments. This will be an ongoing assistance, not just for 2013, but for future years.

2. All Host Associations will receive assistance towards running the NZ Ranked and WDF Ranked tournaments in 2013.

3. The Host Associations of the NZ Junior & Youth Championship will receive assistance towards the cost of running these Championships.

4. The New Zealand Ranking Table Awards have been increased to:

                                          1st                  $500
                                         2nd                  $250
                                         3rd                  $150
                                         4th                  $100

BDO Ranking System

At the Board of Directors meeting, the new BDO Ranking System was discussed at length. They have concerns concerning the eligibility of players and tournaments, which are set out in the BDO Ranking System rules. We are awaiting clarification of these points and will advise the outcome.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Paula Masoe
General Secretary

BDO Dart Rumour

A dart rumour from the web is that BDO is due to announce more televised events. That has got to be good for darts. I hope it is true.


Below is an extract from the book American Rifle by Towsend Whelan written in 1918. Some of the principles on aiming might apply to darts.

In my work in the Army I often come across men of a rather low order of intelligence whom no amount of practice will teach to shoot, chiefly because they have never learned how to use their brains. Any man of ordinary intelligence, who is not physically handicapped, can become a good shot. To become an expert shot requires both a good body and a good brain. Most persons have the idea that eyesight is the important factor. Fair eyesight is of course essential, and may be obtained either naturally or by the aid of well-fitted glasses.
There are five essentials which must be attained in order that one may be able to shoot accurately. All instruction in rifle shooting is aimed at perfecting one’s knowledge and execution of these five essentials. These are as follows:
1. Aiming. One must be able to aim consistently, aiming each shot exactly the same. This requires thetraining of the eye in the correct alignment of the sights and target until the view or picture that they form becomes so indelibly impressed upon the retina of the eye that whenever the aim is the least bit incorrect it will be noticed at once. 
2. Holding. One must be able to hold the rifle steadily in the various firing positions. First, a good, well-balanced position must be learned, and then this must be practiced until it becomes perfectly natural, and one acquires steadiness in it. Usually this takes longer to learn than the other essentials.
3. Trigger squeeze. It matters little how accurately one aims, and how steadily one holds, if, just as the rifle is discharged, one gives a convulsive jerk to the trigger which deranges both aim and hold. The trigger must be squeezed so that the rifle is not disturbed, does not move a particle, before the recoil comes.
4. Calling the shot. Literally calling to the coach the exact spot where one’s sights were aligned on the target at the instant that the rifle went off. Of course one tries to hold steadily, but absolute steadiness is beyond the ability of most riflemen. The sights bob around a little with the best of us. We must catch with our eye the exact place on the target where the sights were aligned at the instant that the recoil blots out clear vision. This spot is where we expect the shot to strike. If the shot does not strike close to the point of call it shows that there is something the matter with either rifle, ammunition, or sight adjustment. If one has a good rifle and ammunition it indicates that a change in the sight adjustment is necessary.
5. Sight adjustment. The sights of the rifle must be adjusted so that the bullet will strike close to where one aims. Owing to factors which will be discussed later, almost all men require slightly different sight adjustment. Thus a rifle sighted in by one man is by no means correctly sighted for others, and rifles sighted in at the factory are never more than approximately correct. One must be able to adjust his sights so that the bullet will strike where his rifle is aimed; that is, where the shot was called.
Finally, one must learn to co-ordinate all these five essentials. He must learn to aim accurately, and at the same time hold the rifle steadily. While he is doing this he must be gradually increasing the pressure on the trigger, so that when the aim seems best, and the hold the steadiest, he can squeeze on the trigger the last ounce or so of pressure which will discharge the rifle. And while doing this he must not forget to catch the point where the sights were aligned at the instant that the rifle goes off. He must learn to concentrate his mind, and every bit of his will power on doing these four things, and doing them perfectly.

DPNZ news

On Tuesday 9th July 2013, the day before the Club NZ National Darts Championships start, at the same venue of the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club a singles tournament is going to be held. Check in I understand is by 12 noon. The winner is getting a wild card entry into a major tournament in Australia in August. Part of his prize will be a return air ticket to Australia. Details of the major tournament are going to be announced by the PDC in June.
If you wish to play that day make sure your travel arrangements get you there before midday as most people arrive later in the day only expecting to start play on Wednesday or in the drawn pairs Tuesday night. Apparently there will be no drawn pairs now the singles tournament is to take place.
Things are a little fluid so if there are any changes I will put details on the blog but I have been assured the tournament is to take place and announcement out there soon.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lou and the 12 dart 701

Readers of this blog will have read details of Lou Tai's feat in hitting the 12 dart 701 leg. I wondered if it was a world first and so decided to contact Dr Darts Patrick Chaplin to see if he knew whether it had been done before. His e-mail replay is below;

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your e-mail.

I’ll always find time to reply to anyone as long as it’s about darts!

Your enquiry has also come to me via Warren Ackary (Wazza’s World of Darts) who linked me to the blog.

The good news for Lou is that I cannot find another perfect 701 recorded in my archive (either in official or unofficial competition) but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done before. It means simply that I don’t have (or can’t find) a record of it. Back issues of Darts World  might reveal something but as that’s been going now since 1972 (and 487 issues)…

I agree with you that it is a remarkable achievement and please congratulate Lou on my behalf.

You’ve already put Lou’s achievement on your blog but I can help by mentioning his perfect 701 in the next issue of my Dr. Darts’ Newsletter and see what response I receive from my readers. Would that be OK? If so, please send me a photo of Lou and I’ll publish the piece in either the June or July issue.

If you could let me know where Lou lives (just the town or village) how old he is (if that’s OK with Lou!) and what he does for a living that would be great. Greater still would be an exclusive quote from Lou telling my readers how he felt when he hit that perfect game.

Thanks again for your e-mail.

I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Best wishes,


Dr. Patrick Chaplin
Author and Darts Historian


Below is part of the reply I sent him;He was playing at the Whakatane Memorial Hall in Short Street, Whakatane on Sunday 19th May 3013 in a New Zealand Dart Council  Region 4 Bay of Plenty playoff to select a team for the New Zealand Dart Council darts championships to be held in Nelson in August. It would be the New Zealand equivalent of a play off for selection for a county team in England. There were 16 players playing a round robin of one leg of 701 straight start to select a team of ten.

Lou was playing Jed Campbell of Rotorua when he with the first three darts he hit 180. He thought to himself okay that is good, a 180,  let’s try and do it again. He hit the second one and thought try and repeat for the third. He hit the third one.  Lou let out a yell. Lou is not a demonstrative player. He is quite a humble person and by no means loud. He told me that was the first time he ever yelled out at the oche at a darts match and he has been playing for over 20 or more years. By this stage all the other games had stopped and all the players, chalkers, officials and spectators had gathered near Lou’s board to watch him try and finish on 161. He threw the first dart and hit his tenth triple 20 in a row. He did not hesitate at the triple 17 and went straight for it as it felt good. It went in. He stopped and walked back from the oche. He walked up to the board and threw for the bull. It went straight in the middle and for the second time in Lou’s dart career he let out a yell on the oche.

Lou hit one other 180 that day and won 14 out of 15 games to be the top qualifier for the team.

He told me that at the next club night at the Waihi RSA a speech was made by officials praising him for his feat and he was  shouted many beers by the other players. He was bought back to earth pretty quickly though when he started playing that night. The form was not quite there and he hit quite a few 26’s he said.

Hope that is helpful. Lou was proud to do it and believes other players will have done it somewhere at sometime but he is happy to be one of those few who have.

If Pattrick gets back in touch I will publish the names of any others who have managed it. It would be a very small club indeed and nice to see a Kiwi in it.

Junior And Youth Fundraiser Sunday 13 October 2013

This looks like it will be a lot of fun and for a great cause. A batons up will be held that day as well. 200 tickets, at $20 a ticket, prizes are 1 * $500, 1 * $300, 1 * $200, 6 * $100 and 20 * $50
Any questions contact Lorene Earnshaw 021469712 or

Monday, May 27, 2013

DPNZ Rankings to 25th May 2013

Marlborough PUMA Open Results Update

Click on the images to enlarge and read the results from the 2013 Marlborough PUMA Open
Ladies Results
Mens Results
Points Results
I echo Peter's comments - Well Done Mike Day taking out the Men's Singles. Mike has consitently performed at a very high level for several years and this title is well deserved.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

DPNZ News. Australian Tour

Expect a big announcement to be made in June from the PDC concerning the Australasian Darts Masters and Oceanic Masters darts tournaments to be held over the week of 25 August 2013 to 31 August 2013 for four days at Warilla Bowls, Wollongong and then 3 days in Sydney.

DPNZ are booking accommodation, rental vans and early tournament entries for 40 people. First in first served. They are not booking flights so that it is up to each individual to make their own arrangements. Also you do not have to go on the DPNZ booked accommodation, rentals etc you can make your own arrangements but you can get a discount on entry costs by going through DPNZ and paying early. Details are still to come but if you want to express an interest to be one of the 40 or pay your entry fees early e-mail Dale Frampton at

Frank and Troy win Waitakere RSA pairs

Frank Speights and Troy Henderson defeated Blair Hutchinson and Russell Packard in the final of the Waitakere RSA men's pairs held earlier today.
Consolation winners were Brent Eady and Lloyd Tomkin over Amiee Holt and William Neverman. Most 180's Terry Constable (2). 19 teams were entered and 11 qualified.

West City Darts Association Men 10 Hamilton Darts Association 4

West City Darts Association men's team defeated Hamilton Darts Association men 10 to 4 in a Renee Stacey Shield Challenge held at West City Darts Association hall, 103 Glen Road, Ranui earlier today.

West City Ladies 10 Auckland District RSA Ladies 4

The West City Darts Association ladies defeated the Auckland District RSA Ladies 10 to 4 in a ladies challenge shield match held at the New Lynn RSA earlier today. It was 1 all after the 4"s, 4 to 2 after the pairs.
West City were Olivia Curreen, Colleen Curreen, Peggy Wikaira, Stacey Heavey, Maine Ngametua, Lou Williams, Loretta Hunter, Jeanette Scott. Auckland District RSA were Claudette Smith, Victoria Epiha, Maureen Fanning, Maria Craig, Maire Tangimetua, Raewyn Heavey, Jennie Heavey and Sonia Lewis.
The next challenge is West City versus City Of Sails at the end of June.

American Darts Documentary

Click on link below to see small documentary on darts in America. Towards end the Vice President of the World Darts federation talks about effort being made to put darts at the Olympics. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in the way they do things to the way things are done here.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Early Report Nelson Puma Open

Mike Day defeated Craig Caldwell in the final of the men's singles at the Nelson Puma Open held earlier today in Nelson. Third equal were Warren French and Craig Ross.
Congratulations to Mike on finally getting over the line. He has been runner-up a number of times in the bigger singles tournaments about NZ over the last few years.

How to Identify a Dartshooter

Monty wins Club Night singles 25/5/13

Monty Tuhua defeated Steve Holt 2 to nil with an average of 96.96 per three darts winning with a 15 and 16 darter and one 101 finish. There were 40 players entered. Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm at the West City darts Association clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. All players welcome. $5 entry.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quote of the Week

"I thought if we got the right promoter, then it could take off and be maybe as big as it was in the 80s, but I never thought we'd go past that. It's massive, it's a global sport now.

"We're looking at landing on Mars and I think if they do that, Barry Hearn will look to put a tournament on there!"
 Phil Taylor - 16 Times World Darts Champion
(In Dubai for the World Master Series. Barry Hearn is the PDC Chairman)

Darts Joke - Sort Off

Scottish Lodger

A Scottish couple took in an 18-year-old girl as a lodger.
She asked if she could have a bath, but the woman of the house told her they didn't have a bath,
although if she wanted to, she could use a tin bath in front of the fire.

"Monday's the best night, when my husband goes out to darts," she said.

The girl agreed to have a bath the following Monday.

After her husband had gone to the pub for his darts match, the woman filled the bath and watched the girl get undressed.
She was surprised to see that the lass didn't have any pubic hair. She mentioned this to her husband when he came home.
He didn't believe her, so she said:

"Next Monday, when you go to darts, leave a little early and wait in the back garden.
I'll leave a gap in the curtains so you can see for yourself."

So the following Monday, while the girl again got undressed, the wife asked:

"Do you shave?" 

"No," replied the girl. "I've just never grown any hair down there.  Do you have hair?" 

"Oh, yes," said the woman, and she pulled up her nightdress and showed the girl that she was really generouslyendowed
in the hair department ... very generously indeed. 

The girl finished her bath and went to bed.

Later that night, when the husband came in, the wife asked him, "Did you see it?"

"Yes," he said, "but why the hell did you have to show her yours."

"Why ever are you worried about that?" she said. "You've seen it often enough before."

"I know," he said, "but the darts team hadn't!"

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Open Pairs Sunday 26 May 2013

Young and Old Pairs Sunday 26 May 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Lou Tai Hits 12 dart 701

At the Bay Of Plenty NZDC Region playoffs held over the weekend Lou Tai hit the perfect leg of 701. He threw 180, 180, 180 161 finish. That is is nearly unbelievable. Absolutely fantastic news. Well done Lou.. It might be world first. There are not many  701 singles competitions out there. This could be the first official one. Anyone out there heard of it happening before. It has to be a first in New Zealand.  Many thanks to Graham McGregor for the report.

Friday, May 17, 2013

UPDATED: Club Night Results Thursday 16th May

28 Players attended club night. 19 qualified for the KO rounds.

Final: Ken Moir bt Mike Day 2-1

180's x 2 - Mike Day
180's x 1 - Sonia Lewis, Ken Moir
100+ Finishes - Dave Curreen 136, Mike Day 121, 107, Heemi Johnson 120, Lou Williams 119, Ken Moir 106, 100, Nathan Holt 106, Steve Hanley 102

Ken Moir takes aim as Mike Day waits to throw
Club Night his held every Thursday at 7pm, everybody welcome

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DPNZ Rankings + Playoffs for PDC World Championship

The PDC Playoffs draw will more than likely change depending on upcoming results for the Nelson and Invercargill Opens - so some players will need to make a move over the next two Opens or miss out !

Monday, May 13, 2013

DPNZ news.

There is going to be a series of DPA dart tournaments in Australia at Wollongong just South of Sydney and in Sydney between  26th August 2013 and 1st September 2013 in which  a Clubs NZ team of men and ladies will be competing and in which NZ supporters can compete also.. All details are not yet out but will be out soon according to DPNZ Director Dale Frampton. Last year about 60 NZ'ers took part when it was held on the Gold Coast. It is likely there will be more this year. I went last year and  very much enjoyed it. Of course last year Phil Taylor and Simon Whitlock took part. If rumours are true this year it is going to be bigger and better.

Looking on the DPA website it looks like the tournaments will be the Oceanic Masters, the Australian Masters and Australian Open as well as no doubt an Australia versus NZ test match. Come on the Kiwis. Of course if it is confirmed that the Oceanic Masters is to be one of the tournaments the winner will win a trip to England to compete in the world darts champs. Let's hope it happens and let's hope its a kiwi. Come on the kiwis.

As details are released I will put them on the blog and they will also be on the Capital Darts site and North Otago site. There are just rumours and speculation at moment but hopefully it is going to be as good as they say.

For those interested in going the cost last year was about $1200 for air flights, 7 nights accommodation, all entry fees and van hire on the DPNZ organised package. There were 40 players, supporters and officials in that group last year and about 20 other kiwis who organised there own groups.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Capital PUMA Open - Szabo Double

Mens Final
Rob Szabo bt Craig Pullen 6-4

A happy (but blurry) Rob Szabo
Rob achieved a 'double' adding the Men's Singles to his Capital PUMA Open Men's Pairs win achieved with Craig Caldwell on Saturday. Rob finished his legs in 15, 16, 16, 20, 18 and 20 darts. Craig's winning legs were 16, 18, 26 and 17. Both Rob and Craig hit a 180 each in the final. Highest finish in final 121 to Craig. In earlier game he hit a 167 finish against Cody Harris. Rob's 3 dart average 81.12 and Craig's 77.66 for 3 darts. Both would have been higher but for one terrible leg of 26 darts where Craig finished on  single 1 double 1 and Rob was on double one.
Third Equal were Jonathon Silcock and Jai Monaghan.
Fifth Equal were Monty Tuhua, Mark McGrath, Neville Herbert and Craig Caldwell.

Capital PUMA Open - more results

Ladies Pairs Final
Peggy Wikaira and Kate Keefe bt Polly Luke and Tina Osbourne 5-4

Peggy Wikaira and Kate Keefe
Peggy and Kate rallied from being 0-3 down early on to register the win.
Third Equal were Helen Makiha with Anna Neho and Leah Price with Paea Thompson

Capital PUMA Open reports and pictures come direct from the Blog's Editor-in Chief, roving reporter and player - Peter Page, who made the last 8 in yesterday's Men's Pairs with fellow West City player Monte Tuhua. Stand by for more results...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Capital PUMA Open Weekend - more early results

Ladies Final
Charlene Te Paki bt Anna Neho 6-1

Anna Neho and Charlene Te Paki
Charlene's winning legs were finished in 27, 22, 25, 22, 27, 42 darts. Anna finished in 26 darts.
Thrid Equal were Kate Keefe and Paea Thompson. 
Fith Equal were Peggy Wikaira, Tina Osbourne Ashley Reginauld and Meta Reid

Capital PUMA Open Weekend - Early results

Men's Pairs Final
Rob Szabo and Craig Caldwell bt Laurie Turner and Tony Ngeru 5-1

Craig Caldwell and Rob Szabo
Rob and Craig's winning legs were finished in 22, 18,18,21 and 30 darts. Tony hit a 180 and Craig hit a 107 finish.
Third equal were Tony Bull with EddieTom and Jonathon Silcock with Craig Pullen.

Club Night Results - 9th May 2013

Thursday was club night as usual and 28 players entered the Club Singles event. 14 qualified from the round-robin for the knockout phase.
1st Knockout Round
Ken Moir bt Colleen Curreen
Monte Tuhua bt Amber Neverman
Geoff Koster bt Wills Terore Jnr
Mike Day bt Glenn Holt
Nathan Holt bt Willie Terore
Dave Curreen bt Blair Neverman
Quarter Finals
Monte Tuhua bt Ken Moir
Mike Day bt Geoff Koster
Dave Curreen bt Nathan Holt
Steve Hanley bt Peter Page
Semi Finals
Mike Day bt Monte Tuhua
Dave Curreen bt Steve Hanley
Mike Day bt Dave Curreen

Dave Curreen throws as Mike Day looks on

Mike and Dave are making a habit of being the final pairing of late. Well done Mike... again! Well done to Dave as well, who must rate as the most improved so far this year.

180's x 3 - Monte Tuhua
180's x 2 - Steve Hanley, Jeff Harold
180's x 1 - Mike Day, Geoff Koster, Ken Moir, Amber Neverman, Pat O'Connell
100+ Finishes - Monte Tuhua 130, 118, 115, Blair Neverman 120, 108, Steve Hanley 122, Ken Moir 109, Hatthan Holt 100

Thursday, May 9, 2013

PDC Premier League

A taster video to set the scene for this Friday at 6am on SKY TV, the final round to see who qualifies for the semi finals of the PDC Premier League. Van Gerwen, Van Barneveld and Taylor have qualified, but the last place is up for grabs between Thornton, Wade and the Aussie Whitlock. If you love your darts this has it all - glitz, glamour, tension, personalities and... darts ! Not every one can afford SKY TV but if you haven't got it you are missing the best that the oche dishes up. Turn on your sound for this clip.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tips from Ex-World Champ Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson won the 1988 BDO World Championship beating John Lowe  6-4, so he should know what he is talking about in this video

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Richard and Rogere Win Jim Stow Mixed Pairs

Richard and Rogere Te Whero Winners of the JIM Stowe APDE Mixed Pairs
Girl Kahaki Highest ladies finish 94

Richard and Rogere Te Whero defeated John and Annie Sinclair in the final of the Jim Stowe APDE mixed pairs held at the Bellbird Tavern, Manuwera earlier today. Winners of the consolation were Sonny Harris Paeru Ngatuakana. Consolation runners up were Claudette Smith and Troy Henderson. Highest Start Richard Te Whero, Cody Harris and John Sinclair with 160. First 180 Richard Te Whero. Highest ladies start was Sandy Melgers with 107. There were 20 entries and 11 qualifiers.
Photos and report courtesy of Lorene Earnshaw.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Throw the Perfect Dart

If only it was this easy to throw the perfect dart...theory is probably sound but I still think you need to practise a lot !

Article On Drug Testing in Darts

rld Anti Doping Agency

logo-sportaccordThe World Darts Federation (WDF) has been working hard over the past several years to have the sport of darts recognized by theInternational Olympic Committee (IOC).  To be recognized by the IOC, a sport must first be recognized by SportAccord.  A few years ago, the WDF was successful in being recognized by SportAccord.  The WDF is to darts what FIFA is to soccer and FIBA is to basketball.  The WDF is currently applying for recognition from the IOC for the sport of Darts, and one of the many criteria for recognition is compliance with the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). In order to meet this requirement, random drug testing must be done at a number of WDF tournaments each year.
usada_logo_newAs most of you that attended the WDF ranked Las Vegas Open know, members from the United States Anti Doping Agency(USADA) were in attendance. 3 male players and 1 female player were selected randomly to do the drug testing.  Please note that this can happen at any WDF ranked event in any country and players will not be notified in advance.
For full information on the WDF anti-doping rules, visit the WDF website at:
David Hascup
ADO Communications Director

The above article has appeared on the American darts Organisation website. I do not know that any player has ever been drug tested in any NZ WDF event. Maybe it was done before I became involved. It has not been done in recent years to my knowledge. I know they do in Australia from time to time. If darts is going to be an Olympic recognised sport it will I expect come here too. As you can see the article states that drug testing can take place at any WDF event in any country and players do not have to be notified in advance. As long as DB bitter beer, rum, bourbon and vodka are not on the banned list I am pretty safe. Joking aside if darts does become an Olympic event I am pretty sure players will have to play sober. A big ask for some and of no consequence to others.

A Crying Shame

It was a crying shame that the New Zealand Dart Council never sent a NZ representative team to the World Cup of darts held in Ireland in 2011 and its is a crying shame that they are not going to send a team to the World Cup of darts in Canada later this year. This happened because the NZDC did not have the funds and will not go to the regions, associations and players to make up the shortfall.
However there is a tiny ray of light and hope for our best dart players who aspire to play at an international level with the silver fern on their chest and playing the best of the best in top International arenas. Those of you who have read this blog regularly and follow darts closely know that the British Darts Organisation who organise the Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships have thrown out a lifeline by inviting New Zealand amongst other countries and regions to send their top male player and if I read their information right top lady player to the Lakeside to compete. In the past players had to compete at international events in NZ and overseas to accumulate points that got them a starting place in the tournament. It was a hard and expensive road to travel. Now we have been given the gift of a spot to the male who has most points after Alan King memorial ( Dunedin Open), Auckland Open, Canterbury Open, NZ Masters, NZ Open, North island Masters, South island Masters and Ted Clement Open ( Levin). And it seems a spot to the lady with most points after NZ Open and NZ Masters.The current points for NZ players can be found at the following link.
I applaud this. If darts is to grow we need our best players to shine on TV. The Lakeside is a great opportunity. Kiwis doing well markets darts in NZ . It will bring in more players more sponsors and more money. Which means the NZDC can better be able to fund teams to the World Cup and other events.
I know there a few of our top players making a big effort to gather those points, top the table and go. It is costing them money to chase the points and many hours of effort on the practice board to realise their dreams of standing on one of the greatest stages for darts on TV and competing against the best in front of a huge world wide Television audience.
My fear is that the NZDC is going to pull the rug out from beneath the feet of those aspirants at the finishing post. If they did not intend to accept the invitation they should make an official announcement now and save everyone the disappointment. The disappointment of the players involved and the disappointment of those who love this game in NZ and want to see our best against the world's best. If they intend to send those players they should announce that and provide certainty for those aspire to go and those who support them.
It will be a crying shame if no one gets to go.

APDE MIxed Pairs Sunday 5th May 2013

Sorry for late notice. This event has not been well publicised and I forgot it was on. Thanks to Lorene for providing me with a poster at short notice.

West City Club Night Results 2/5/13

Mike Day defeated Dave Curreen in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles held at the clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Third equal were Deon Toki and Peter Page. Fifth equal were Olivia Curreen, Blair Neverman, Steve Hanley and Willie Terore. Thirty players were entered.
180's were scored by Mike Day (4), Geoff Koster, Ken Moir and Willie Terore.
The highest finish was Steve Hanley 120 and Wills Neverman 132.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm and all players are welcome. $5 entry.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

World Soft Tip Series and Championships

If you are not aware there is a Soft Tip World Championship and lead up series worth quite a bit of money played around the world mainly in Asia. Electronic boards with soft tip darts has not made any impact here but it could be wave of future in another 50 years maybe. Information on the soft tip series and world champs can be found by clicking link below;