Monday, April 15, 2013

Region 2 NZDC Nationals team Named for Nelson

After a playoff at the West City Darts Association clubrooms in Glen Road, Ranui yesterday the men's and ladies teams to represent Region 2 at the NZDC National Dart Championships at Nelson in August were named.

The teams are;

Men: Mike Day ( Captain ), Cody Harris, Monty Tuhua, Tony Lee, Robbie Grant, Deon Toki, Ken Moir, Ray Tonga, Barry Kapa and Andre Alberton.

Ladies: Mata Tuao, Sandra Melgers, Olivia Curreen, Ruth Blackwell, Maria Siavale ( Captain ), Tauturu John, Malia Ioane, Jo Kinita, Sonia Lewis and Maxine Taaka.


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