Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daylight savings ends... but there is warmth around !

So daylight savings has ended for another year. Winter is on the horizon and maybe it has been a slight bit chillier the last few days. A good hot bowl of soup normally warms me up but this weekend I saw something else that warmed the cockles of my heart... and gave me hope for the rest of 2013 when I step up to the oche. I watched the latest round of the PDC Premier League Darts on Sky TV. The first game up saw two times world champ Adrian Lewis v Raymond van Barneveld. Lewis needed a good result to ensure not relying on other results to avoid relegation.

At 1-3 down Lewis needed to hold his throw to pull back to 2-3, and left 85 to finish. He missed it on his next throw leaving himself just 5 to finish. He then had three more darts hitting a single 1, then missed double 2 hitting a single 2 and then missed double 1 hitting a single 1... BUST ! van Barneveld gave him another chance... Lewis had three more darts to finish... same result, hits a single 1, then misses double 2 hitting a single 2 and then misses double 1 hitting a single 1... BUST ! van Barneveld steps up and this time finishes the leg... and goes on to win 7-2. Pressure darts and the former world champion folds like a pack of cards. I think it is warming to know that I can also fold like that when under pressure on the oche and the next time it happens to me (which won't be too far down the track), I will remember Lewis' performance and think "I still have hope, I just played like a two times world champ !"


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