Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winners Bull Rule

In my opinion Clubs NZ Darts should get rid of the winners bull rule. For those who do not know who ever wins the toss at the beginning of the game gets to throw first for the bull. The second player then throws and whoever is closer to the bull gets to throw first and is given a three dart advantage in that leg. The winner of that leg then throws for bull first in the second leg and so on.

The coin toss winner by a stroke of luck in calling correctly heads or tails gets an unobstructed throw at the bull. The unlucky second thrower gets an obstructed view and a harder task to get his or her dart closer. So they are disadvantaged.

If both players are of equal skill then the bull winner will most likely be the player who threw first for the bull and he or she in turn will most likely because of the three dart advantage win the leg and get to throw first in the second leg as well. The out come of the coin toss in the beginning can be the minuscule difference in advantage that propels one of two equally skilled players to a match win.

I know some of you will say that does not always happen and you are right but I think if there was any long term analysis and statistical study over thousands of games you would find the coin toss winner is slightly more likely to win. It will not be a 50% each situation it will be slightly more than 50% chance for the coin toss winner.

This probability can be neutralised if in the second leg the first throw is given to the player who threw second in the first leg. Players get alternate starts in other words. It would make the game a little faster and take away a decision from the chalker. Chalkers in my opinion when the darts are close sometimes get it wrong. If one dart hits a black segment and the other a white segment the colour effects your perspective and can create in my opinion an optical illusion which makes one dart look closer than another when it may not be. Also the angle which the dart hits the board can effect the choice of which is the closer dart as well. The chalker if in doubt is meant to ask the players to throw again but they do not always do it.

Those readers who are familiar with the PDC a bull is a bull and a 25 is a 25 rule will know that is the best way to determine who throws first as both players have an unobstructed shot and no intuitive measurement by a chalker is required. The out come of the coin toss has no influence. My preference is that way. I have found Darts Administrators and players tend to be very conservative in nature and don't like change. Especially players etc who have been doing things one way for years and do not want to make the effort to learn or adopt a new way out of their present comfort zone. I would like to see the PDC rule adopted universally at least at the top levels of competition in New Zealand  but I cannot see it happening in near future even though it is the best way for fairness that anyone has come up with yet. It is no surprise it was conceived and implemented first in the World of Professional darts where livelihoods can hinge on key games.

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  1. I agree with you re the winners bull for clubs NZ tournaments. It needs to go and we need to get with the rest of the world. The worst part about winners bull is the same player can throw first in every leg of the match which is wrong in my opinion.I may stand to be corrected but I'm sure this happened in the North Island singles charters final recently, where the same person threw first in every leg. At least the puma opens have adopted the PDC bull policy. It seems DPNZ have taken the lead in NZ and clubs NZ and darts council should follow.Its not too bad in NZ darts council as the throw is alternated and a toss of the coin goes for a deciding leg. However I am sure everyone has been in the position of thinking they had won the bull in the first or deciding leg of a matchonly to be informed by the marker your opponents dart was closer. You just have to cop that currently. There are always inconsistencies ,some markers tend to say throw again and some make a decision every time no matter how close it appears to be.
    The PDC way ensures fairness and most of all accurate rulings. I do think though in the PDC there should be a toss of the coin when a game goes to the deciding leg. Currently it will go to whomever throws first in the first leg. I guess this was all designed to keep up the pace for TV as it can take a long time to determine sometimes. However the PDC way is accurate and fair for all.