Thursday, March 14, 2013

TAB Revenue From Darts Betting

For the last couple of years the NZ Darts Council has been receiving income from the NZ TAB. It is a percentage of the money spent by punters betting on the outcome of darts games shown on Sky TV. In 2011 it received $1707. What it received in 2012 I am not sure as I have not seen that year's financial report. All the past reports are available online. As the NZ Darts Council are an incorporated society they have to publish their financial statements on the Government website. So if you wish to have a browse just click on the link below and enter New Zealand Darts Council;

The irony of them receiving this income is that the darts shown on TV in New Zealand is that it is PDC darts, The NZ Darts Council have no connection with that organisation. DPNZ and Clubs NZ are the organisations that give players the pathway to play in that arena. I think by law the TAB have to pay the money to the National Governing Body of the particular sport involved hence the NZDC get the revenue. Lets face it they need it.

It would be a great gesture on their part if they offered DPNZ 50% of that income to show goodwill. I think that would be fair.I think DPNZ are making moves in the background to get that money or some of it. I am not sure what is being planned but it would be nice if both organisations worked together on this issue and perhaps discussed it. Knowing the DPNZ that money would most likely go to assist funding representative players for overseas travel. I do not know what the NZDC has ear marked it for or whether it is just swallowed up into general funds.

The picture is of James Wade and Ronnie Baxter when they were playing in the Australian Open, Shoalhaven Heads in 2008. James is giving his thoughts. What do you think ? Who should get that revenue.


  1. I think DPNZ should at least get half due to their affiliation to the PDC. However I still find the question of who really looks after darts in NZ confusing. I don't think either body does enough to promote themselves and the game. There seems to be a lack of cohesive organisation for the game in general and until that changes the game in NZ will continue to amble along instead of reaching for something greater. I appreciate that in NZ it is generally all done on a volunteer basis but I feel it could still be done better with a more professional sports/business mindset coming from the top... but I guess I shouldn't throw stones if I'm not prepared to step up myself?

  2. Forgot to say, good provactive blog Peter !

  3. I've never bet on darts. But I put a sneaky $5 on RVB to win the Premier League. I have never really liked Barney, but his throw seems to have come back to him. That smooth as silk pull back and release is gold to watch when he is on.

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