Friday, March 15, 2013

DPNZ Top 20 Mens

Some interesting stats from the DPNZ top 20 Mens rankings:
  • Canterbury is the leading region with 6 players ranked in the top 20. Auckland is next with 4
  • Canterbury dominate the top 8 with their players occupying 50% of those positions
  • West Coast NI are arguably punching above their weight with 3 in the top 20 compared to 4 from Auckland when looking at the population base these two particular regions have to call on
  • Cody Harris, John Aitken, Tony Carmichael and Rob Szabo are in the top 20 with only one qualiyfing tournament result each to their names
  • Jonathon Silcock is still classified as a Youth but impressively makes the top 20

1 comment:

  1. For those that aren't aware, John Kelly is one of the players I have had the pleasure of playing on webcam darts. A very good player and a nice fella.