Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finishing on 133

Most people trying to finish a leg on 133 would go T20, T19, D8. If you would like to give yourself a higher chance and play the percentages another way to consider is T14, T17 and D20. The reason being if you miss T14 and dart drops into triple 11 to score 33 you still have two darts left for the two dart 100 finish. It is the only way that gives you still a chance if you throw a bad dart and miss the triple you are aiming for on 133. Another reason I like it is if you hit a single 14 to leave 119 and throw at triple 19 with second dart then miss that with second dart and hit single 19 to leave 100 and one dart in hand it leaves double 20 nice for next turn if you sneak the triple 20 with the last dart.

I always go this way in practice and in games and it is automatic now without thinking. Since I have been doing it I have managed to finish on it once in a competition game. The time I did it I missed the triple 14 and hit the triple 11 so the percentages paid off. Slightly better odds at getting it than the more conventional way.


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