Monday, January 14, 2013

NZDC AGM 26/1/13

The New Zealand Dart Council AGM is coming up on the 26 January 2013. I am not going this year as I am no longer on the West City Darts Association committee. But I did go for about 3 years when I was secretary. One thing I did not like about those meetings was the one vote per Association rule. If your Association had 200 registered members you got one vote. If your Association had 30 members you got one vote. I did not think that was particularly democratic and did not lead always to votes that truly reflected how must dart players might feel on different subjects. I found that most decisions had been made by the Directors of the Dart Council before you got here and you were just there to rubber stamp them. Some things were put forward for debate and voting. My observation was that they were things the Directors could not agree on amongst themselves. So they went before the larger forum of the meeting. If you do want to make any radical change you have to be extremely political, plan well and garner support before and while you are there. Personal relationships come into it. If they do not know you your chances of making change are remote. The South Island all tend to vote together and there is a certain amount of regional self interest in voting and which director you vote for. I have always thought there has been a little anti- Auckland bias in a lot of decision making also. I remember one year the Council had decided on something a little controversial that if most attending had time to think about it would not have agreed. No one was told about it. A break in proceedings for lunch or something like that was about to take place. Craig Stevens the CEO mentioned what was to happen just before the break. He mentioned it briefly and not much detail. I remember sitting there thinking " Did he just say what I thought he said ? ". While I was gathering my thoughts and feeling a bit stunned they called the break. I went and spoke to him about it at the break. My opportunity to speak on it had gone and he told me so. It was too late to do anything. It was a master stroke by someone who knew how these meetings worked and how to get things past. It was to do with deciding not to send a World Cup team to Ireland. If you go to those meetings you have to have your ears and eyes wide open or you will miss the opportunity to challenge something. Good luck to all those who will be attending. I do know they are only there for the love of the game but each delegate has a slightly different vision of what is best. Often there is too much regionalism.


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