Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Darts - World Record Attempt

If you are reading this you probably like playing darts to say the least, but would you fancy playing for 2 days straight?!
Two guys in Sleaford England, Dave Newman and Shaun Robinson, are going to attempt just that, playing for 48 hours in a charity fund raising event for the Waddington Cancer Ward at Lincoln Hospital. According to the 'official' rules for every hour completed you can rest for 5 minutes.
If they achieve their target of 48 hours they will beat the existing Guiness Book of Records for singles play of 42hr 00min set by Glenn Germonpre and Frederick Serreyn, (both Belgium) at the Cafe de Leegard in Zandvoorde, West Flanders, Belgium, from 7 to 9 June 2012. The pair played the darts game "Cricket," with Glenn winning 255 matches to Serreyn's 86.
By the way, any attempt at the record has to be officially monitored by a ruling body so if you are thinking of trying to set a record yourself you will have to find a willing official who knows how to stay awake for two days as well ! More on the Sleaford record attempt here


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