Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cody and Kit Win Auckland Puma Open

Cody Harris defeated Craig Caldwell in the final of the DPNZ Auckland Puma Men's Open 6 legs to 2 held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui yesterday. Cody's winning legs were 19, 21,16,17,21 and 18 darts with an overall average of 77.10. Craigs winning legs were 18 and 21 with an overall average of 70.16. Cody was meant to go fishing but slept in and was left behind and so ended up playing darts instead. Good luck for the fish but not so for Cody's opponents.
Cody defeated Tukina Weko in the semi final with legs of 16,17,17,21 and 18 and an overall average of 80.07. Tukina winning legs were 15, 25 and 19 with an overall average of 77.76.
Craig defeated Mike Day in the other semi final with legs of 15 (144 finish), 20, 20, 23, 15 darts and an overall average of 76.36. Mike winning legs were 22, 20, 14, 16 darts with an overall average of 78.70. Not taking a few doubles that were on offer cost Mike.
Fifth equal were Steve Davis, Monty Tuhua, Barry Kapa and Tony Lee. There were 50 men's entries and 29 qualifiers. Most 180's Craig Caldwell with 8. Highest finish Mike Collett with 156. Play was generally of a high standard with some very tough cards to qualify from. 59 x 180's were scored.
In the ladies final Kit Bennett defeated Ngapine Heke 6 to 1. Third equal were Maria Siavale and Lynette Bennett. There were 22 ladies entries. Highest ladies finish was Kit Bennett with 150.


  1. Where are you guys located? Can anyone rock up play and practice?


    1. Club hours are on the right hand side of this blog.
      MONDAY to WEDNESDAY Closed
      THURSDAY Seniors Club Night 7:00pm-11:00pm
      FRIDAY 6:00pm-11:00pmFriday League and Social Night
      SATURDAY 1:00pm-11:00pmSaturday League (A.D.A.)Social events
      SUNDAY 1:00pm - 11:00pmClub Tournaments/CompetitionsSocial Events

      Great bunch of people and I managed to get out there a few times when I was living in Auckland. The address is 103 Glen road, Ranui.

    2. hi yes anyone is welcome as nev said 103 glen road ranui , club night is thursdays 7 .30 start. the cost is 5 dollars per person 5 games 3 to qualify to knockout round
      thanks club captain (stephen holt)

  2. why dont you do the stats for women to !

  3. If I get a chance I will do next tournament. Trouble is only got one set of eyes and often both finals run together.