Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kiwi at PDC Qualifying School

It is good to see a Kiwi at PDC qualifying school. Jack must be the first Kiwi ever to attend. His results so far are not promising but hopefully he has a better day tommorrow. Day One. First round. Terry Hayes 6 Jack Harrington 2. Day Two. Prelim round. Jack Harrington 6 Bruce Barr 2 First round. Jason Hogg 6 Jack Harrington 0.


  1. how come our young girls cant play in this?

  2. Ladies can play. You just pay your money and go. It is open to men and women. Its just there is no woman out there who can play to a standard which would make it worth there while. They would have to average 85 up to make a living and then it might not be much of won unless they could average 95