Friday, December 7, 2012

No World Cup For NZDC Players

The New Zealand Dart Council Board of Directors have decided that they will not be sending a NZ team to the 2013 World Cup of Darts to be held in St Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada from October 1st to October 5th 2013. I am not sure of the reason but can only speculate it is financial reasons they are not sending a team. It of course being very expensive to send a team to that part of the world from NZ. I do feel sorry for the players who aspire to be in the team as it would have been the trip and darting experience of your life to play in a World Cup. I thought the NZDC might have just part paid the cost and gone back to the players Region, Association for the difference. Many other sports have to resort to that model of funding. Sometimes if there is still a shortfall the player has to contribute also. I know in the Auckland Region and my own Association we would have got fully behind any player who was selected and done what we could to assist. Recently I was involved in fundraising for a player who was selected by DPNZ/Clubs NZ to play in a test match against Australia. All that persons travel, accommodation and entry fee costs were fully paid for by contributions from three different clubs in the Auckland area. Two of the clubs were prepared to pay the full cost but as it was each club played a third. It is not impossible to raise money given enough time. The NZDC team is named after the Nationals in August and plays in October which is only a short time for fundraising. Maybe if funding is going to be a continuing issue the Nationals need to be held earlier to help fundraising.
Of course players wanting to represent NZ can still do so through the DPNZ/Clubs NZ system. The top male gets to go and compete at the PDC world champs in December and later in January the PDC world cup along with another. The top 4 men and ladies go to Australia to compete in tournaments and a test match. For details on how that system works if you are interested check my earlier article from first September 2012 which describes what you have to do.
The fundamental difference between the NZDC and the DPNZ selection processes is that one is objective and one subjective. The NZDC selection is based on the week of the Nationals and your place in the team is not determined on winning the Open or Singles or even being ranked number 1 in NZ. There have been quite a few players who have won the singles or Open and never been selected. Also one year the number one ranked player was not selected. The NZDC process is one where the selectors hold the power and not the player. The DPNZ process is the reverse. The player welds the power. If he or she can accumulate enough points to to be in the top four then they are in the team and that is that. Your face may not fit but it does not matter. Under NZDC you can be very good and play very good and have been in the team before but it is no guarantee.
I would not be surprised if some of the top players in NZ start competing a little more seriously in the DPNZ system now that the NZDC is not sending a team to World Cup.


  1. Well this is the second time in succession we are not sending a team... I think this is a disgrace to NZ, you all know me for my comments on this sort of thing, however we cannot let this pass a second time. It maybe hard to accept for some but we pay NZDC to administer the sport on "our" behalf and simply there not up to it. There are ways and means to support players at association /region if need be and albeit part funded as suggested earlier. Its just not on people... Sadly we are left to no representation,,remember if you really want change then its obvious whats needed, people who are able to make CHANGE! vote accordingly.

  2. Here here! Agree completely

    It's a tough job they do administering the sport and they do it for us, but they need to remember that is also why they are doing it, for the players & the sport itself in NZ.

    They way things are within NZDC doesn't seem to be doing any substantial benefit for either the players or the game here.