Sunday, December 16, 2012

Robert Grant Wins Royal George Singles

Robert Grant defeated Tukina Weko in the final of the Royal George singles held at the Royal George club rooms, Avondale race course Saturday. Third equal were Hun Te Paki and Dion Toki. That is the only details I have as I left early. Nathan Holt won the consolation.
That was the last event for the Royal George as it closes end of the month for good. The Royal George began as a club in 1943. It was a founder member of the Auckland Darts Association and the Central Auckland League. The Central Auckland league donated the prize money for the event. It is winding up also after more than 27 years. Also to wind up was the Crusaders dart club which had amalgamated with the George. The secretary of the Royal George, Lou Williams,  thought the Crusaders may have been established at the old New Lynn Cosmopolitan Club ( Which no longer exists) about 1946. It was sad to see these three long established parts of the Auckland Dart scene fold but it seems to be a trend. Not just with darts but with some other sports as well.


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