Friday, December 21, 2012

Gordon and Steve Win at Weymouth

Gordon Comrie with Steve Prime defeated John Sinclair with Anita Tou in the final of the Weymouth Cosmopolitan Club drawn pairs held last night at the Club in Sykes Road, Weymouth. Third equal were Andre Albertyn with Annie Sinclair and Phil Cave with Josh Penney. There were 24 players.
It was a very enjoyable evening and the last darts for the year. At the same time as the darts they had Karaoke going nearby. It was fun playing darts with people singing about ' Trains bound for no where ', the ' Harper Valley PTA ' and ' seven Spanish angels.' They should have that sort of mix more often. I found it quite relaxing when you play as well as fun.
No more darts I know off in Auckland till the Swanson Pairs on the 19th January 2013. Have a merry and safe Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year. I will still being do the odd bit of blogging but not as much till things start up again.


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