Friday, December 28, 2012

Go Mighty Mike

Throughout the year I have placed a few bets on the darts and not been able to pick one winner. I am not very good at picking winners whether they are horses, numbers on the roulette wheel or dart players. I should give up but in a moment of madness I went to the TAB and  put $40 on Michael Van Gerwen to win the PDC world champs out right. He was paying $140 for the $40 bet. I went to watch him play Colin Lloyd today and he hobbled on to the stage with a broken bone in his foot and a sore Achilles tendon in the other foot. I thought here we go again I have put money on another looser. But there was a miracle and he won. I am not feeling confident but just maybe this time I have got it right. We will soon see.


  1. I am not a fan of his arrogance, but the boy can play. Like Lewis he rubs me the wrong way with his attitude. Was good to see RVB play well against Whitlock....Even though I was cheering for the mighty Aussie all the way

  2. you cant go past Ray hes in another league at moment. I love Lewis tho I think hes peaking at the right time. I hope he gets 3 in a row. Then he can shove it up the crowd. I think Taylor is the arrogant git. Hes getting craggy in his old age. Jackpot v Barney final.