Sunday, December 9, 2012

Corban Cup and Western Suburbs Women's League Prize Giving

Last night I attended the Corban Cup Men's League and the Western Suburbs Ladies League prize giving held at the New Lynn Rsa, New Lynn. Again I never won any of the trophies you can see in the picture. The top Ladies team for the year was Swanson RSA 1 Captained by Peggy Wikaira. The team were Tanya Wikaira, Ngaru Wikaira, Pandora Sioasi, Gail Olliver, Rita Wells, Sara Joseph and Lou Williams. The ladies team has won for the last 10 years The top men's team was Glen Eden with Richard Te Whero, Monty Tuhua, Dave Curreen, Geoff Koster, Simon Martin, Robyn Hooper and Tony White. It was nice to see Assad Corban, the former Mayor of Henderson and the person who donated the Corban Cup 30 years ago present and handing out trophies. He is now 87 and looked very fit and well. We had an enjoyable evening and were last to leave.


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