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Friday, December 28, 2012

Go Mighty Mike

Throughout the year I have placed a few bets on the darts and not been able to pick one winner. I am not very good at picking winners whether they are horses, numbers on the roulette wheel or dart players. I should give up but in a moment of madness I went to the TAB and  put $40 on Michael Van Gerwen to win the PDC world champs out right. He was paying $140 for the $40 bet. I went to watch him play Colin Lloyd today and he hobbled on to the stage with a broken bone in his foot and a sore Achilles tendon in the other foot. I thought here we go again I have put money on another looser. But there was a miracle and he won. I am not feeling confident but just maybe this time I have got it right. We will soon see.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tarzan and Jane Mixed Pairs Sunday 27/1/2013

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Favourite Photo Of The Year

Monty Tuhua, Geoff Koster and Peggy Wikaira having a laugh at the Stag Inn, Taupo whilst on the way to Hastings for a Puma Open.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Gordon and Steve Win at Weymouth

Gordon Comrie with Steve Prime defeated John Sinclair with Anita Tou in the final of the Weymouth Cosmopolitan Club drawn pairs held last night at the Club in Sykes Road, Weymouth. Third equal were Andre Albertyn with Annie Sinclair and Phil Cave with Josh Penney. There were 24 players.
It was a very enjoyable evening and the last darts for the year. At the same time as the darts they had Karaoke going nearby. It was fun playing darts with people singing about ' Trains bound for no where ', the ' Harper Valley PTA ' and ' seven Spanish angels.' They should have that sort of mix more often. I found it quite relaxing when you play as well as fun.
No more darts I know off in Auckland till the Swanson Pairs on the 19th January 2013. Have a merry and safe Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year. I will still being do the odd bit of blogging but not as much till things start up again.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Disappointing Result For Dave Harrington

Click link below to read about How Dave got on. He did not play wellaveraging less than 60 and scoring only one 100 and one 140. He will be disappointed as will all NZ darts followers. Dave can play better than that but for what ever reason he didn't.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dave Harrington At The World Champs

Dave will be on Sky TV playing Haruki Muramatsu at 9.15 am NZ time tommorrow Thursday. If he wins he will then play Simon Whitlock at 12 noon NZ Time tommorrow Thursday. Good luck to Dave it will not be easy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jesus Apears At The Darts

Click the link below to read about how a Jesus look alike disrupted the finalof Players championship in the UK.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Robert Grant Wins Royal George Singles

Robert Grant defeated Tukina Weko in the final of the Royal George singles held at the Royal George club rooms, Avondale race course Saturday. Third equal were Hun Te Paki and Dion Toki. That is the only details I have as I left early. Nathan Holt won the consolation.
That was the last event for the Royal George as it closes end of the month for good. The Royal George began as a club in 1943. It was a founder member of the Auckland Darts Association and the Central Auckland League. The Central Auckland league donated the prize money for the event. It is winding up also after more than 27 years. Also to wind up was the Crusaders dart club which had amalgamated with the George. The secretary of the Royal George, Lou Williams,  thought the Crusaders may have been established at the old New Lynn Cosmopolitan Club ( Which no longer exists) about 1946. It was sad to see these three long established parts of the Auckland Dart scene fold but it seems to be a trend. Not just with darts but with some other sports as well.

Friday, December 14, 2012

West City Opening Hours Over Christmas

There will be no more club nights held at West City Darts Association hall, 103 Glen Road, Ranui till Thursday 17th January 2013 at 7 pm. It will still be open on Saturday afternoons for those who want a drink or bet on the races.

Everyone have a happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will still be blogging over the holiday period but with less dart activity it might not be quite as often.

West City Club Night Results 13/12/12

Monty Tuhua and Rob Scott defeated Daniel Smith and Loretta Hunter in the final of the West City Darts Association club night ham and chicken drawn pairs held at the clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui last night.
Third equal were Gordon Comrie and Stacey Heavey, Geoff Koster and Colleen Curreen.
180's were scored by Gordon Comrie (4) and Mike Day (2). 100 + finishes were scored by Gordon Comrie 120, Rob Scott 117 and Dean Webster 114.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weymouth Cossy Club Ham Tournament 20/12/12

Swanson RSA Pairs 19/1/13

Good prize money in this one.

Northern Area Champs Feb 2013

Craig Caldwell In UK

Check on Craig Caldwells progress in the UK at two links listed below;

Faces Of The Day

Andre Albertyn and Barny Hards winners of the Onehunga Working Mens Club Christmas ham tournament held last night with the runners up Loretta Hunter and Gordon Comrie. Andre and Barny won the final 4 to 3.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dave Harrington's PDC World Championship prelim Opponent

 Name: Haruki Muramatsu

Nickname: Hal

Country: Japan

Age: 35

Started Playing: 2002

Style: Right handed

Haruki Muramatsu first qualified for the 2010 PDC World Darts Championship in 2010. He overcame Krzysztof Kciuk (Poland) 4 legs to 1 in the preliminary round and then lost his first round proper tie 3-0 (sets) against Ronnie Baxter.

He again qualified for the PDC World Championship in 2012. He defeated Dennis Nilsson (Sweden) 4 legs to 2 in the preliminary round. In the first round proper he faced the irrepressible Phil Taylor. He was beaten 0-3 (sets) but won 3 legs which included twice breaking Taylor's throw. Post match Phil Taylor was quoted as saying "he would have frightened any pro" the way Muramatsu played.

Muramatsu and Morihiro Hashimoto represented Japan in the 2012 PDC World Cup of Darts but were beaten 2-5 by Sweden in the first round.

This will be a tough preliminary round test for Dave but if he wins he will face an even tougher test in Australia's indisputable No.1 Simon Whitlock !

On Tonight Glen Eden RSA

Monday, December 10, 2012

Farewell To Royal George This Saturday

This Thursday

This Wednesday. Open Tournament

West City Xmas Ham and Turkey Tournament

Monty Tuhua with Lou Williams defeated Mike Day with Emma Heavey in the West City Darts Association AGM/Xmas wind up Ham and Turkey tournament held at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Third equal were Gordon Comrie with Olivia Curreen, Tanaya Wikaira with Anothny Benitez and Stacey Heavey with Warren Farmer. 19 pairs took part. 180's were scored by Stephen Holt, Peggy Wikaira, Monty Tuhua, Mike Collett and Daniel Smith. 100+ finishes Gordon Comrie 144.

Craig Caldwell In The UK

Click on the link below and it gives details of the competition Craig Caldwell is playing in this weekend in the UK

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Corban Cup and Western Suburbs Women's League Prize Giving

Last night I attended the Corban Cup Men's League and the Western Suburbs Ladies League prize giving held at the New Lynn Rsa, New Lynn. Again I never won any of the trophies you can see in the picture. The top Ladies team for the year was Swanson RSA 1 Captained by Peggy Wikaira. The team were Tanya Wikaira, Ngaru Wikaira, Pandora Sioasi, Gail Olliver, Rita Wells, Sara Joseph and Lou Williams. The ladies team has won for the last 10 years The top men's team was Glen Eden with Richard Te Whero, Monty Tuhua, Dave Curreen, Geoff Koster, Simon Martin, Robyn Hooper and Tony White. It was nice to see Assad Corban, the former Mayor of Henderson and the person who donated the Corban Cup 30 years ago present and handing out trophies. He is now 87 and looked very fit and well. We had an enjoyable evening and were last to leave.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

PDC World Champs Schedule Sky TV For Dave Harrington

Wednesday December 19 (7pm-12am) - UK Time and Date

1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round

7.10pm Justin Pipe v Andy Jenkins

8.15pm Haruki Muramatsu v Dave Harrington (P)

NZ Time Thursday, 20 December 2012 at 9:15:00 a.m.

9.00pm Ronnie Baxter v Dennis Priestley

10.00pm Colin Lloyd v Darin Young

11.00pm Simon Whitlock v Muramatsu/Harrington

NZ Time - Thursday, 20 December 2012 at 12:00:00 Noon

Information courtesy Mike Radford

Friday, December 7, 2012

No World Cup For NZDC Players

The New Zealand Dart Council Board of Directors have decided that they will not be sending a NZ team to the 2013 World Cup of Darts to be held in St Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada from October 1st to October 5th 2013. I am not sure of the reason but can only speculate it is financial reasons they are not sending a team. It of course being very expensive to send a team to that part of the world from NZ. I do feel sorry for the players who aspire to be in the team as it would have been the trip and darting experience of your life to play in a World Cup. I thought the NZDC might have just part paid the cost and gone back to the players Region, Association for the difference. Many other sports have to resort to that model of funding. Sometimes if there is still a shortfall the player has to contribute also. I know in the Auckland Region and my own Association we would have got fully behind any player who was selected and done what we could to assist. Recently I was involved in fundraising for a player who was selected by DPNZ/Clubs NZ to play in a test match against Australia. All that persons travel, accommodation and entry fee costs were fully paid for by contributions from three different clubs in the Auckland area. Two of the clubs were prepared to pay the full cost but as it was each club played a third. It is not impossible to raise money given enough time. The NZDC team is named after the Nationals in August and plays in October which is only a short time for fundraising. Maybe if funding is going to be a continuing issue the Nationals need to be held earlier to help fundraising.
Of course players wanting to represent NZ can still do so through the DPNZ/Clubs NZ system. The top male gets to go and compete at the PDC world champs in December and later in January the PDC world cup along with another. The top 4 men and ladies go to Australia to compete in tournaments and a test match. For details on how that system works if you are interested check my earlier article from first September 2012 which describes what you have to do.
The fundamental difference between the NZDC and the DPNZ selection processes is that one is objective and one subjective. The NZDC selection is based on the week of the Nationals and your place in the team is not determined on winning the Open or Singles or even being ranked number 1 in NZ. There have been quite a few players who have won the singles or Open and never been selected. Also one year the number one ranked player was not selected. The NZDC process is one where the selectors hold the power and not the player. The DPNZ process is the reverse. The player welds the power. If he or she can accumulate enough points to to be in the top four then they are in the team and that is that. Your face may not fit but it does not matter. Under NZDC you can be very good and play very good and have been in the team before but it is no guarantee.
I would not be surprised if some of the top players in NZ start competing a little more seriously in the DPNZ system now that the NZDC is not sending a team to World Cup.

West City Club Night Results 6/12/12

Peter Page with Dean Faithful defeated Mike Day with Jeanette Scott in the West City Darts Association club night ham and chicken drawn pairs. Third equal were Nathan Holt with Victoria Epiha and Stephen Holt with Colleen Curreen. Fifth equal were Blair Neverman with Lou Williams, Dave Curreen with Aimee Holt, Jimbo Saddlier with Dave McNamara and Barny Hards with Maine Ngametua. 34 players took part.
180's Gordon Comrie (1). Highest finishes 109 Blair Neverman, 120 Dave Curreen, 138 Mike Day. Club night is held every Thursday at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui from 7 pm. All players welcome. $5 entry.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Palmerston North RSA In Receivership

The Palmerston North RSA because of financial difficulties has called in the receivers. The club has closed and I understand the building is to be sold to pay outstanding debts. This was a venue on at least one occasion in my memory for a National RSA Dart tournament. It is sad to see it go. Report from Bob Sadler.

Northern Area Tournaments February 2013

The Northern Area tournaments for 3013 will be held in February.

- 9 February 2013  Mixed Pairs at West City Darts Association hall, 103 Glen Road, Ranui.

- 16 February 2013 Men's and Ladies Pairs at Papakura Club, Croskery Road, Papakura

- 23 February 2013 Men's and Ladies Area Singles at Papakura Club, Croskery Road, Papakura.

Entry: $10 per person.

Time: Names in by 1 pm. No late entries, no phone entries. Cut off time to be strictly adhered to. Current club NZ card must be produced.

Dress: Collar, closed black shoes, no cargo pants etc. Dress standard to be strictly adhered to or you cannot play.

West City AGM Sunday 9th December 2012

The West City Darts Association are having their AGM at 12.30 pm at the clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui this Sunday 9th December 2012. Following the AGM will be prize giving followed by a barbeque and then a ham and turkey tournament. Free entry for members.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Taranaki Darts Open 30th and 31st March 2013

Region 2 Junior Youth Fundraiser , 27 January 2013

On Saturday 26/1/20313 will be DPNZ Auckland Puma Open. The above Sunday morning and the Tarzan and Jane Mixed pairs in afternoon. Posters to come.

ADA AGM 2nd February 2013

On This Thursday

On This Thursday

On Tonight New Lynn RSA

Monday, December 3, 2012

Counties Manukau 35 West City 13

Counties Manukau defeated West City Darts Association 35 to 13 in a North Island Challenge Shield match held at the Bellbird Tavern, Manuwera at 2 pm yesterday afternoon. After the pairs it was 25 to 7.
Players of the day for Counties were Deborah Pearson and Annie Sinclair. For West City Jeanette Scott and Emma Heavey. Jeanette Scott scored the only 180 of the day. Emma Heavey had a 104 finish. Maxine Taaka had a 101 finish. Ngapine Heke 106 finish.
Counties had a very experienced side many having been Auckland representatives. Probably the only centre that might be able to field a team to challenge them would be a team from the Wellington area. I do not think there are any other places that have enough depth of strong lady players to give a good contest.
Counties were Lorene Gilliam, Mata Tuao, Sandy Melgers, Tauturu John, Ruth Blackwell, Maxine Taaka, Rosa Broad, Deborah Pearson, Maria Siavale, Mata Atitoa, Annie Sinclair, Girl Kahaki, Malia Ioane, Rachel Phillips, Roz Pethyaridge and Leah Tekana.
West City were Peggy Wikaira, Symone Heke, Rita Wells, Rouru Douthett, Ngapine Heke, Aimee Holt, Jeanette Scott, Jennie Heavey, Colleen Curreen, Emma Heavey, Maine Ngametua, Ngauru Wikaira, Stacey Heavey, Tanya Wikaira, Lou Williams and Raewyn Heavey.
A wide range of ages was present. Two of the West City players Aimee Holt and Symone Heke being the youngest and aged only 13 whilst there were few older lady players in their 60's in both teams. Darts is a sport you can play at a top level at any age.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Otahuhu Working Mens Club To Close March 2013

The Otahuhu Working Men's club is to close in March 2013. The club had to sell its building due to financial difficulties. It was a great venue for darts and was regularly used for large tournaments because it had the boards and space. It was actually the best Auckland venue in my opinion The only other two large venues left are the Papakura club and the West City Darts Association hall. I believe the Working men's club is looking for a place to relocate but it will be a smaller premises.

Face of The Day

John Sinclair has won the Auckland  Champ Of Champ singles more than any other player having won it 11 times. It is not an easy one to win. The list of previous winners reads like a list of former NZ players starting with people like Bill Rose, Frank Nolan, Ron Chilchrist, Steve Turdeich, Rob Grant and others.

Barry Wins Champ Of Champ Singles

Barry Kapa defeated John Sinclair 4 to 1 in the final of the Auckland Champ Of Champ Singles held at the Otahuhu Working Men's club, Otahuhu yesterday evening. Barry averaged 70.04 for three darts, John averaged 64.69. The game would have been closer but John had trouble hitting the doubles. In the deciding leg Barry powered away with a 14 darter. He hit two 180's in the final.
Third equal were Willie Hopokingi and Issac Lewis.
My apologies for not more detail on placings etc in the pairs and singles but I managed to loose most of my notes somewhere between there and home.

Robert and Issac Win Champ of Champs Pairs

Robert Grant and Issac Lewis of the South Auckland Darts association defeated Sam Bryant and Sonny Matekurae of Counties Manukau in the final of the Auckland Champ Of Champs held at the Otahuhu Working Men's club, Otahuhu yesterday. Third equal were Dean Cameron with Phil Cave and John Sinclair with Barry Kapa.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

ACCDA Prize Giving

I went to the Auckland Chartered Club Prize Giving last night held at the Papakura Club. I did not win any of these trophies.