Friday, November 23, 2012

Stats From PDC World Champs

2006 Warren Parry eliminated first round with average 82.06
2007 Warren French out first round with 78.6
2008 Warren Parry out first round with 83.56
2009 Warren French Prelim round 54.95, First round 76.74
2010 Warren Parry first round 78.89. Phil Hazel prelim round 83.15
2011 Preston Ridd prelim round 84.68 and first round 71.29
2012 Warren French 85.88 prelim round and 85.29 first round.

Above are a few stats from PDC world champs for NZ players. No player from NZ has got past the first round. We need to produce a player who can average at least 90 to 100 for them to have an impact at the PDC world champs. I cannot see us doing much better this year than in previous years. Dave Harrington is representing NZ this year and is a very fine player but there is no one in NZ who can consistently average over 90 in my opinion so I am not expecting much but of course I am hoping he gets a kind draw plays above himself and his opponents play below themselves. If he can win his prelim match and first round match he will have gone further than any other Kiwi. The championships start late December. Warren French is pictured. He has the dubious honour of having our lowest average at the World Champs but also the honour of having our highest average.


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