Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ladies Champ Of Champs

Maria Siavale and Charlene Te Paki defeated Paeru Ngatuakana and Mata Tuao in the final of the ladies pairs title at the Auckland Champ of Champs held at West City Darts Association 103, Glen Road, Ranui on Saturday. Third equal were Lorene Gilliam with Maxine Taaka and Emma Heavey with Olivia Curreen. 180's were scored by Girl Kahaki, Rogere Te Whero, Lorene Gilliam, Lynette Bennett.
On the Sunday Nga Smythe defeated Maria Siavale in the singles. Third equal were Loretta Hunter and Jo Kinita. 180's were scored by Tautaru John and Nga Smythe.


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