Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Double Start 9 darters

I watched a little bit of the Grand prix of darts, which is a double start competition,  from Dublin this morning. Last year Brendon Dolan hit a 9 darter. I noted some players prefer not to start on Double tops therefore not giving themselves a chance at a 9 darter. I wondered why because at that level of competition each player is capable of hitting a 12 darter at anytime. So if you are the player who throws second and your opponent is going to hit a 12 darter then your only chance to win the leg is to throw a 9 darter. The only doubles that give you a chance at a 9 darter off a double start are double tops, bull and double 17. Yes double 17 start gives you a chance at a 9 darter. Work it out. I do not know anyone who starts on double 17 but it is worth a thought if you like the doubles on the bottom of the board.

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  1. Well I wonder if thats why Johnny Tran goes for double 17, I always thought it was because his shoulder was sore!!