Saturday, September 1, 2012

West City Club Night 30/8/12

Mike Day Defeated Monty Tuhua in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles held on Thursday night at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. There were 37 players and 19 qualifiers.
Third equal were Steve Hanley and Tony Lee. Fifth equal were Blair Wilcock, Peter Page, Dave Ellis and Anthony Benitez. Anthony is pictured above..
180's Geoff Koster (3), Haki Heke (1), Steve Holt (2), Marc Skinns (1), Monty Tuhua (2), Jim Hennah (1), Mike Day (1), Steve Hanley (1), Anthony Benitez (1), Shaun Duval (2) and Dave Ellis (1).
100+ finishes Monty Tuhua (1), Steve Hanley (2) and Dave Ellis (1).
Aimee Holt, aged 13 yrs, highest score 140. Also congratulations to Haki Heke, aged 15 years, getting his first 180. Haki got that 180 playing me. I am sure he will hit many more if he keeps going the way he is.
Club nights are held every Thursday evening from 7 pm. All players are welcome. $5 entry.


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