Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stu Leach In Australia

While I was in Australia last month at the Festival of Darts I met up with Stu leach. Stu is a Kiwi living in Brisbane. He is well known to many kiwi dart players having been a prominent dart player here for years. He represented NZ three times and played in three Asia Pacific cups. In 2000 he played in Manila, 2002 in Bangkok and 2004 Singapore. I first met Stu over 20 years ago when I lived in Gisborne for a short while and played darts for a couple of years. I stopped playing and Stu carried on with a lot of success.

Stu about three days before I saw him had just hit a 9 darter at a DPA event held at the Gold Coast Darts Club in Nerang. It was only at the time the second one hit in a DPA event, The first one was hit by Ronnie Baxter in 2008 at an event at Shoalhaven Heads. At the festival of darts a third one was hit by Kyle Anderson when he played Rob Szarbo in a tournament game. Stu told me he had not been playing particularly well to his standards when he hit the 9 darter and it came out of the blue. I know from other sources that Stu nearly hit two nine darters at one NZ Nationals missing double 12 on the nineth dart each time. He told me he had strived for quite a long time to hit one and it was nice to finally get there. He felt he could stop playing darts and feel that he had achieved all he wanted to. Though he did admit one regret. He said when he played in NZ he always wanted to play in a World Cup team but never quite made it. He seemed to strike form and get selected only in the Asia Pacific Cup years.

Stu told me he enjoyed life in Australia and had a good job with Queensland Rail. He has represented Queensland at darts and obviously is still playing well. He came pretty close to death over there when he got bit by a tic after walking through some long grass. He was in critical care and his body temperature rose to a point where his insides were close to being cooked. He survived it and was looking well when I saw him.


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