Monday, September 17, 2012

Previous Winners of the APDE Ladies Pairs

1961 F Patterson and L Hill
1962 L Rapana and A Edwards
1963 V Wilson and G Kilgour
1964 E Williams and A Kalens
1965 M Warn and D Richards
1966 A Edwards and P Hanle
1967 G Green and B Kohunui
1968 P Stewart and M McLaren
1969 M Mills and V Keepu
1970 L Tai and T Collier
1971 I Hickman and M Blenkin
1972 M Upson and C Marshall
1973 M Cooper and V Hart
1974 D Tiapu and C Marshall
1975 M Cooper and H Hickmott
1976 A Peck and W Edwardson
1977 I Craker and B Cunningham
1978 S Lee and M Luke
1979 L Bird and G Veil
1980 L Bird and G Veil
1981 S lee and J Arona
1982 Bubs Sylva and K Rameka
1983 S Lee and A Baker
1984 R Stamper and J Arona
1985 Bubs Sylva and Colleen Weller
1986 Nancy Brooke and M O'Shea
1987 A Willis and Janet Greatorex
1988 J Arnold and S Maddock
1989 C Warren and D Potae
1990 T Wilson and B Bridge
1991 C Brown and S Mathews
1992 C Brown and S Mathews
1993 Ricky Osborne and Raewyn Heavey
1994 Ricky Osborne and Peggy Wikaira
1995 Girl Kahaki and  M Noble
1996 J Ngatai and Ruth Blackwell
1997 N Mana and N Teraitua
1998 Girl Kahaki and J Ngatai
1999  L Enuas and E Folomu
2000 Honey Patu and Faye Shearsby
2001 L Panapa and F Te Paki
2002 E Folomu and M Atitoa
2003 Denise Walker and Peggy Wikaira
2004 Denise Walker and Peggy Wikaira
2005 Denise Walker and Peggy Wikaira
2006 Honey Patu and Lou Williams
2007 Mihi George and S George
2008 Denise Hakeagatoa and Maria Siavale
2009 Peggy Wikaira and Lou Williams
2010 T Tupou and T Maua
2011 Maxine Taaka and May Houkamo
2012 Maxine Taaka and Lorene Gilliam


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