Monday, September 3, 2012

Monty and Nga Win APDE Singles

Monty Tuhua defeated Sonny Harris 3 to 1 in the final of the APDE men's singles held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Monty won the first leg in 21 darts. He finished on 107 by hitting bull, single 17 and tops. He often goes that way on numbers like 106, 105 etc. He is the only one I see do it. Most go the more conventional way. Sonny got the second leg in 23 darts. Monty hit 180 in the next leg and finished in 22 darts and won the final leg in 19 darts. Third equal were John Dodunski and Brendon Deed. Fifth equal were Robert Grant, Steve Davis, Cody Harris and Blair Hutchinson. There were 22 qualifiers.
The best leg I saw was in an earlier game where Monty played last year's winner Sam Bryant and Sam hit a 12 darter. I also saw Sam loose do last year's runner-up in Brendon Deed a revenge match. Brendon won the final leg hitting bull, single 4 and tops to finish on 94.
Nga Smythe defeated Kit Bennett in the ladies final. Third equal were Mata Tuao and Malia Ioana. Fifth equal were Paeru Ngatuakana, Peggy Wikaira, Lorraine Pike and Maxine Taaka.
Most 160 starts was Sam Bryant with three. Highest finish Sonny Harris with 152. In the ladies highest start Kit Bennett with 130. Highest ladies finish Peggy Wikaira with 120.
The day was well organised and run by Raewyn Heavey and Girl Kahaki. The ladies trophy has been missing for about three years so if anyone knows where it please return it to Girl or Raewyn.


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