Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mike, Tom, Lorene and Maxine Win APDE Pairs

Mike Collett with Tom Williams defeated John Sinclair with Sam Bryant 3 to 1 in the final of the APDE Men's Pairs held at West City Darts Association club rooms , 103 Glen Road, Ranui earlier today. John and Sam started each leg in the final winning the bull each time. Mike and Tom won the first leg in 23 darts, John and Sam won the second 25 darts. Mike and Tom won the next in 24 darts. Tom scored a pressure 108 finish with John and Sam waiting on 40. Mike and Tom won the last leg in 21 darts with Mike finishing on 74. This was the first time Mike and Tom had won the pairs. Mike had been runner-up on three previous occasions with Maurice Wikaira.  Third equal were Tukino Weko with Chris Robson and Shaun Duval with Lloyd Tuck. Fifth equal were Tama Kiliyui with Ollie Kave, Barry Kapa with Sonny Matekurae, Monty Tuhua with Geoff Koster and Ron Wynd with Louis Kunz.
Lorene Gilliam with Maxine Taaka defeated Malia Ioane with Rachel Phillips in the ladies final. Maxine won the title last year with May Houkamo who has since passed on. May was given a special cheer by the audience at the trophy presentation led by Maxine. Third equal were Peggy Wikaira with Pine Heke and Kit Bennett with Dauria Dix. Fifth equal were Meri TeHuia with Venus Te Whare, Te Paeru Ngatuakana with Mata Tuao, Kristal McDermott with Amber Neverman and Denise Hakegatoa with Maria Siavale.
Most 160 starts men was John Sinclair (2) and Mike Collett (2). Ladies highest start Joan Nathan 160.
Men's highest finish 143 Steve Goldsmith. Ladies highest finish 160 Roimata TeKena. Most men's 180's Marc Skinns (3). Ladies most 180's Lorene Gilliam (2).
The day was well run and organised by Raewyn Heavey with the assistance of Girl Kahaki with Jenny Heavey.
This competition has been run since 1962. The ladies trophy is still about but the men's has gone missing. If anyone has it please return to Raewyn or Girl.


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