Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mark wins King Country Puma Open

Mark McGrath defeated Steve Gooch 6 to 5 in the final of the King Country Open held at the Taupo Cosmopolitan club yesterday afternoon, Steve won the bull and started. Mark won the first leg in 19 darts. Steve took the next two legs in 21 and 18 darts. Mark came back with an 18 darter finishing on 116. Steve took the next in 16 darts. Mark came back with a 16 darter. It was at this point the darts dropped off a bit. Steve won in 22 darts and then Mark hit a 21 darter hitting a pressure 72 finish with Steve sitting on a double. Mark then hit a 23 darter. Steve followed with a 24 darter. It was 5 all and Steve threw first in the final leg. Of course playing under the PDC bull system you only throw for bull at the start of the game. You do not throw for bull if the match is tied you just continue the same order of play. Mark won that leg in 18 darts to take the win. Mark's average in final 75.83 for 3 darts. Steve's average 72.80.
Mark and Steve played particularly well all day. I saw Mark playing Rex Harper and being 3 to 2 down hit a pressure 122 bull finish to tie it whilst Rex was sitting on double tops. Mark also in a game against Aaron Cooper when the game was tied 4 all pull out a 13 darter to take the deciding leg with a 180 thrown in. Steve was very consistent all day. In earlier games I watched he was averaging just below 75 for three darts.
Mark impressed me in that he played with some new darts that day for the first time. Also finished work at 2 am and drove from the Wellington area with little sleep to play. The final was about 7 pm and the players were getting pretty tired by that stage but still playing good darts.
There were 25 entries and 15 qualifiers.
Third equal were Richard Te Whero, Aaron. Fifth equal were Ivan Turdeich, Ron Glavish, John Dodunski and Rex Harper.


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