Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finishing with Goochie

Whilst in Hawkes Bay recently I had a chat with Steve Gooch known as Goochie by most. Steve is a very accomplished dart player and been playing darts since he was a junior. He has won many things including a NZDC men's singles title in 2004. He had been on my qualifying card and I noted he had what I thought were odd ways of finishing. He explained to me his thinking on;

- 53. If you have two darts left and it is a pressure situation Steve favours single 17 and double 36 rather than the usual single 13 and double tops. He says if you slip into the single 3 first dart it still gives you a bull shot or even triple 17 leaves double 1. If you go for 13 and you slip into 6 or 4 you have no shot. Steve contends the more vertical singles are easier to get than the more horizontal as you throw tends to be to a vertical line so more chance on vertical line if shot is high or low you will still hit target.

- 70. Steve with three darts always goes bull double 10. If he hits 25 then he goes single 5, another vertical single and then double tops. If he hits bull and double 10 it can psychological upset rhythm of opposition to see it done that way. If he mises bull or 25 and hits a single he can hit one more single and then go for a double.

- 114. Steve shanghai's the 19's. Triple 19, single 19 and double 19. If you hit a single seven you still have a chance. Alternative if first dart hits triple 19 would be single 17 and double tops.


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