Sunday, September 9, 2012

Early Report Hawkes Bay Puma Open.

Peter Hunt defeated Steve Gooch 6 to 3 in the final of the men's Hawkes Bay DPNZ Puma Open held on Saturday at the National Service Club, Hastings. Peter won the bull so started first. He threw an 18 darter to win that leg finishing on 145. In the second leg he finished with 13 darts. He took the third leg in 17 darts. In the fourth leg Steve came back with a 21 darter. Peter took the fifth leg in 20 darts finishing on 72. In the sixth leg Steve had 220 left when he hit 180 and then double tops first dart on his next throw to finish in 13 darts. Peter came back with a 14 darter finishing on 78. Steve then hit a 15 darter finishing on 80. Peter hit the winning leg with a 17 darter.
Peter's average for the 9 legs played was 27.496 per dart. Steve's average was 27.1 per dart.
In the ladies final Selina Baker-Clemas defeated Anna Neho 6 to 5.
A feature of the open were the new rules where you follow the PDC toss for bull rule. You only throw for the bull once at the beginning and that is the order for play. You do not go for Bull if tied and there is a deciding leg.
Also it was all straight start off a card and best of 5 then later best of 7, then 9 and 11. Consistent players have more chance of coming through I think.
Full results will no doubt be posted on Big Ken's North Otago site when they come to hand. I did not stay for he finish of the men's and ladies pairs on the Sunday as the players in our party were knocked out early and we headed for home.


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