Saturday, September 1, 2012

DPNZ/ CLUBS NZ season starts today 1/9/12

The Dart Players NZ and Clubs NZ dart season starts today. All players ranking points go back to zero and away we go again. For those that do not know how everything works what basically happens is that players play in 6 Puma Opens of their choosing. There are 12 in total. They play in their Area singles, Island singles and National singles and accumulate points. At the end of the last tournament which is the Clubs NZ Nationals the top four ranked men and top four ranked NZ women become the NZ team and travel to Australia to play in the Festival of Darts which is 5 singles tournaments and a test against Australia. The number one man also gets to go to England and play in the PDC world darts championships . This year Dave Harrington was number 1 and will represent NZ. The spot for 2013 is now up for grabs again. If that is something you would like to be involved in if you click on the link to Big ken's North Otago darts site on the right hand side and you will find the 2012/2013 DPNZ Playing Itinerary.
In addition to the above four of the Puma Opens that will be designated as double DPNZ and DPA points. That does not mean you get twice as much points it means Dart Players Australia players can come over and play in them to get points for the DPA rankings. It means NZ players getting points have them credited to the DPA rankings and also the Aussies have points credited to DPNZ. Sounds complicated and what is the advantage. If you win one you get to be eligible to play in the tournament of champions at the Festival of Darts where you will play other top international dart players. This year Phil Taylor and Simon Whitlock played as an example. Also if you play in all 4 your are eligible from my reading of the DPA site to play in the Oceanic Masters which is held in October. This year it is in Canberra but it has been played in NZ in the past and maybe again. If you win that you get entry into the PDC world Dart Championships in England. You could also go to the Festival of darts play in 4 of the DPA singles held there and be eligible.
So that is a rough idea of what it is all about. the first tournament is this coming Saturday, 8/9/12 in Hastings. The poster is further down the blog if you scroll down. There is a pairs the next day. Major change from last year that the DPNZ tournaments are going to be straight start. I think the area, islands and Nationals are still going to be double start.
There is a tournament scheduled for Taupo on 22/9/12 which clashes with the Auckland Open. I heard on the dart vine that this might be going to be shifted to the 29/9/12. If I get confirmation I will post it on the blog.
In playing 6 Puma opens you did not have to travel Cook Strait to the South Island as there are 6 in each island so that makes most of them drivable and economic if there is group of you. Some tournaments are going to offer more money this season. West City has put a bid in for the Auckland Puma Open. We if we get it will be offering $500 for the men's winner and $300 for the ladies winner. I heard on the dart vine another tournament in another part of the country is going to offer $5000 in total prize money. That is still to be confirmed.
I will be heading to Hastings so I might see you there. I know of 6 Aucklanders planning to make the trip. We will be leaving at 4am Saturday morning because of work and other things so that is going to be one hard day. I will be driving but I know my passengers will be sleeping. I played in a few but not all last year and enjoyed it. I enjoy the travel, getting away from the usual routine of work and home. You meet some nice people and it is very social. Sometimes the results are not that good but it is always fun. If you travel in a group to share costs and you are good enough to win prize money it need not cost that much. A few times we have driven back to Auckland and got home at 1 am on the Monday morning and I have to get out a bed at 6am to get ready for work and I have thought why I am doing this. But a week later I have forgotten the tiredness, the hangover and I am ready to go again.
All the best to everyone who intends to play their way around the circuit this year. Ka kite ono.


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