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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Puma Open Whangamata 17/2/2013

$3000 Pairs Whangamata Club 16/2/2013

If you qualify they are guaranteeing $30 minimum.

Whangamata Club $5000 15/17th February 2013

I have always enjoyed playing at the Whangamata club and staying at Whangamata. It is such a lovely wee spot as my scottish friend Gordy would say.  Peggy always gets me gathering pipis and cockles at low tide so she can have a feed when she finishes the darts for the day. I have seen a few other dart players taking the opportunity to go fishing. The club is going to pay out $5000 over this weekend.

Mark wins King Country Puma Open

Mark McGrath defeated Steve Gooch 6 to 5 in the final of the King Country Open held at the Taupo Cosmopolitan club yesterday afternoon, Steve won the bull and started. Mark won the first leg in 19 darts. Steve took the next two legs in 21 and 18 darts. Mark came back with an 18 darter finishing on 116. Steve took the next in 16 darts. Mark came back with a 16 darter. It was at this point the darts dropped off a bit. Steve won in 22 darts and then Mark hit a 21 darter hitting a pressure 72 finish with Steve sitting on a double. Mark then hit a 23 darter. Steve followed with a 24 darter. It was 5 all and Steve threw first in the final leg. Of course playing under the PDC bull system you only throw for bull at the start of the game. You do not throw for bull if the match is tied you just continue the same order of play. Mark won that leg in 18 darts to take the win. Mark's average in final 75.83 for 3 darts. Steve's average 72.80.
Mark and Steve played particularly well all day. I saw Mark playing Rex Harper and being 3 to 2 down hit a pressure 122 bull finish to tie it whilst Rex was sitting on double tops. Mark also in a game against Aaron Cooper when the game was tied 4 all pull out a 13 darter to take the deciding leg with a 180 thrown in. Steve was very consistent all day. In earlier games I watched he was averaging just below 75 for three darts.
Mark impressed me in that he played with some new darts that day for the first time. Also finished work at 2 am and drove from the Wellington area with little sleep to play. The final was about 7 pm and the players were getting pretty tired by that stage but still playing good darts.
There were 25 entries and 15 qualifiers.
Third equal were Richard Te Whero, Aaron. Fifth equal were Ivan Turdeich, Ron Glavish, John Dodunski and Rex Harper.

Peggy Wins Puma Open in Taupo

Peggy Wikaira defeated Wendy Harper in the 3 to 2 in the final of the Ladies King Country Puma Open held at the Taupo Cosmopolitan Club, Taupo yesterday. Peggy hit a 126 bull finish in the final. Wendy had done exactly the same when the pair played each other in qualifying and Wendy had won 3 to 2.
Play had been due to start at 11.30 am and the draw was all done for section play when it was realised that as only 10 ladies were entered under DPNZ rules if you have less than 16 players you have to have a round robin best of 5. The draw was done for a round robin and at the end of the round robin Wendy and Peggy were tied for first place on 8 wins each hence the play off to determine winner and runner-up. The game was played after the men's final at about 7 pm. Peggy had the most ladies 180's with 3.
Other than that hiccup with the draw and another when a man Giuseppe Gallina ( Joseph to most, from West City Darts Association) was accidentally put in the ladies draw everything ran smoothly.
We left home that morning from Auckland about 6 am and were home about 11 pm after a great day in beautiful Taupo.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Face Of The Day

Raewyn Heavey President of the West City Darts association.

Monty Wins Club Night Singles 27/9/12

Monty Tuhua defeated Anthony Benitez in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles 2 to 1 at the clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Monty's three dart average in the final was 79.83. He managed a 13 darter in the final and a 14 darter in the semi final against Mike Day. Third equal were Mike Day and Mike Radford. Fifth equal were Blair Hutchinson, Troy Henderson, Paul Williams and Steve Hanley. There were 39 entries and 20 qualifiers. Most 180's were 3 from Monty. Jeffrey Wells , Blair Neverman, Mike Day, Geoff Koster, Paul Williams, Troy Henderson (2). Highest Finishes Blair Neverman 113, Dave Owen 147. Club nights are held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players are welcome. $5 entry.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Face Of The Day

Cyndric Joyce was the only unregistered player to win a NZDC title when he won the Auckland Open in 2010. A small video is on you tube under heading NZDC Auckland  Puma  Darts Open 2010 Part 1,2 and 3. He had a pretty good average that day I seem to remember with his winning legs 19 or less. The video shows a 16 darter at the end with scores of 125,180, 100, 48, 16 and 32. He played Richard Te Whero who had won in 2009.

Puma Open at Taupo This Saturday 29/9/12

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Craig, Peter and Polly Win Sundays News Mixed Threes

Craig Caldwell, Peter Hunt and Polly Luke defeated Jonathan Silcock, Marcel Owen and Selena Clemas-Baker in the final of the Sunday News Mixed threes held earlier today the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Third equal were MIke Day, Rob Szarbo with Anna Neho and Marc Skinns ,Steve Holt with Olivia Curreen.  Fifth equal were Monty Tuhua, Richard Te Whero and Tauturu John, Rodney Moreland, Shane Hamerton and Mayreen Tai, Kristal McDermott, Blair Neverman and Troy, Brian Steed, Jo Steed and Steve Doak. There were 46 teams and 27 qualifiers. Most 180's Craig Caldwell with 5. Highest finish Rodney Moreland 124. High score Nic Jatlov 171.
Diane Fergus, Mike Collett, Tere Tau defeated Colleen Curreen, Dave Curren annd Geoff Koster in the consolation.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cody and Polly Win Auckland Open

Cody Harris defeated Sam Bryant in the final of the Auckland Men's singles earlier today at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. It was a final between two friends. It was a final between two fellow association members both belonging to the Counties Manukau Darts Association. It was a final between two players who play in the Auckland Region team. It was a final between two team mates who play in the same Auckland Darts Association Saturday league team, Tupapa. I was a little bit under the weather ( 20 rums will do that) to give a good account of the final. All I can say was that Cody played better. He has been in a winning Auckland Region team more than once. He has won a NZDC pairs with Graham McElroy. He does not play DPNZ or Clubs NZ darts but he has a lot of potential and he  is young. I do not know what he will do with his darts but he has as much potential as anyone to excel. Well done to him and hard luck Sam. Third equal were Peter Hunt and Craig Caldwell. Fifth equal were Bill Fergus, Paul Earl, Rodney Moreland and Peter Page. 9th equal were John Hereora, Deon Toki, Laurie Turner, John Kelly, Steven Gooch, Frank Speight, Jai Monaghen and Shaun Duvall.
In the ladies final it was a lot closer. Jannette Jonathan and Polly Luke traded legs till was 4 all. All legs went with the first throw. The deciding leg did the same. Polly won the bull and went on to win 5 to 4. Good luck to Polly who flys to Darwin on Monday to play for NZ in the Asia Pacific cup. Third equal were Sonia Lewis and Jo Kinita. Fifth equal were Lorraine Pike, Ripeka Te Moananui, Anna Neho and Lorene Gilliam. 9th equal were Charlene Te Paki, Gayle Hapurona, Peggy Wikaira, Verena Cleaver, Malia Ioane, Nga Smyth, Kit Bennett and S'Vania Te Moananui.
Short video of end of match on You Tube under title Auckland Darts Open 2012.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mike Day Wins Super Series 8 on 20/9/12

Mike Day defeated Geoff Koster in the final of Super Series 8 held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Third equal were Richard Te Whero and Blair Hutchinson. Fifth equal were Tony Lee, Peter Page, Stephen Holt and Blair Neverman. There were 37 players and 21 qualifiers.
180's were scored by Dave Curreen, Tony Lee, Geoff Koster (2), Mike Day (2), Mike Radford, Richard Te Whero (4), Monty Tuhua (2), Marc Skinns, Peter Page and Blair Hutchinson.
100 + finishes were scored by Dave Curreen (2), Richard Te Whero (2), Monty Tuhua, Steve Holt (3), Marc Skinns, Peter Page, Blair Hutchinson and Kristal McDermott.
The current prize pool is $2035.
The next event is Thursday  25th October at 7 pm. All players welcome. $5 entry.

Drawn Pairs Tonight

Drawn Pairs tonight at West City Darts Association clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. All welcome $5 entry. From 7 pm. 7.30 pm start.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stu Leach In Australia

While I was in Australia last month at the Festival of Darts I met up with Stu leach. Stu is a Kiwi living in Brisbane. He is well known to many kiwi dart players having been a prominent dart player here for years. He represented NZ three times and played in three Asia Pacific cups. In 2000 he played in Manila, 2002 in Bangkok and 2004 Singapore. I first met Stu over 20 years ago when I lived in Gisborne for a short while and played darts for a couple of years. I stopped playing and Stu carried on with a lot of success.

Stu about three days before I saw him had just hit a 9 darter at a DPA event held at the Gold Coast Darts Club in Nerang. It was only at the time the second one hit in a DPA event, The first one was hit by Ronnie Baxter in 2008 at an event at Shoalhaven Heads. At the festival of darts a third one was hit by Kyle Anderson when he played Rob Szarbo in a tournament game. Stu told me he had not been playing particularly well to his standards when he hit the 9 darter and it came out of the blue. I know from other sources that Stu nearly hit two nine darters at one NZ Nationals missing double 12 on the nineth dart each time. He told me he had strived for quite a long time to hit one and it was nice to finally get there. He felt he could stop playing darts and feel that he had achieved all he wanted to. Though he did admit one regret. He said when he played in NZ he always wanted to play in a World Cup team but never quite made it. He seemed to strike form and get selected only in the Asia Pacific Cup years.

Stu told me he enjoyed life in Australia and had a good job with Queensland Rail. He has represented Queensland at darts and obviously is still playing well. He came pretty close to death over there when he got bit by a tic after walking through some long grass. He was in critical care and his body temperature rose to a point where his insides were close to being cooked. He survived it and was looking well when I saw him.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Past Auckland Open Winners

Jannette Jonathan is the only player to win the Auckland Open more than once.

Ladies Open winners;

2011 Jannette Jonathan
2010 Jannette Jonathan
2009 Denise Walker
2008 Lorene Earnshaw
2007 Mata TeTauru
2006 Peggy Wikaira

Men's Open Winners

2011 Jonathan Silcock
2010 Cyndric Joyce
2009 Richard Te Whero
2008 Craig Caldwell
2007 Graham McElroy
2006 Herbie Nathan

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goodluck To NZ at Asia Pacific Cup

The NZ dart team will be preparing for the Asia Pacific Cup in Darwin starting 26/9/12. Good luck to the team Details of the program are on link below. Hopefully they will be able to play at the Auckland Open prior to leaving.

Super Series Points after 7 events

66 - Monty Tuhua
52 - Mike Day
30 - Steve Hanley
27 - Richard Te Whero
25 - Geoff Koster
20 - Mike Radford
19 - Blair Hutchinson
17 - Steve Holt
16 - Tony Lee
14 - Blair neverman, Marc Skinns, Peter Page
12 - Dean Webster
11 - Peggy Wikaira
10 - Phil Cave
9 - Dave Curreen, Dave Owen
8 - Jimmy Hennah, Lloyd Watters
7 - Colleen Curreen, Shaun Duvall
6 - Ken Moir, Albert Alberton, Willie Terore
5 - Joseph Gallina, Blair Wilcock
4 - Pine Heke, PJ Johnson, Mark Whitehouse, Gordon Comrie, Ron Glavish
3 - Jenni Heavey, Loretta Hunter, Nathan Holt
2 - Deon Toki, Haki Heke, Heemi Johnson, Jimbo Saddlier, Anthiny Benitez, Troy Henderson, Pat O'Connell, Alan Rogers
1 - Brent McLuckie, David Day, Dean Faithfull, Gary Whyte, Jason Amos, Lloyd Tomkins, Richard Foy, Tuli Tavetau

Super Series This Thursday Event 8. Current prize pool $1850

Monday, September 17, 2012

Previous Winners of the APDE Ladies Pairs

1961 F Patterson and L Hill
1962 L Rapana and A Edwards
1963 V Wilson and G Kilgour
1964 E Williams and A Kalens
1965 M Warn and D Richards
1966 A Edwards and P Hanle
1967 G Green and B Kohunui
1968 P Stewart and M McLaren
1969 M Mills and V Keepu
1970 L Tai and T Collier
1971 I Hickman and M Blenkin
1972 M Upson and C Marshall
1973 M Cooper and V Hart
1974 D Tiapu and C Marshall
1975 M Cooper and H Hickmott
1976 A Peck and W Edwardson
1977 I Craker and B Cunningham
1978 S Lee and M Luke
1979 L Bird and G Veil
1980 L Bird and G Veil
1981 S lee and J Arona
1982 Bubs Sylva and K Rameka
1983 S Lee and A Baker
1984 R Stamper and J Arona
1985 Bubs Sylva and Colleen Weller
1986 Nancy Brooke and M O'Shea
1987 A Willis and Janet Greatorex
1988 J Arnold and S Maddock
1989 C Warren and D Potae
1990 T Wilson and B Bridge
1991 C Brown and S Mathews
1992 C Brown and S Mathews
1993 Ricky Osborne and Raewyn Heavey
1994 Ricky Osborne and Peggy Wikaira
1995 Girl Kahaki and  M Noble
1996 J Ngatai and Ruth Blackwell
1997 N Mana and N Teraitua
1998 Girl Kahaki and J Ngatai
1999  L Enuas and E Folomu
2000 Honey Patu and Faye Shearsby
2001 L Panapa and F Te Paki
2002 E Folomu and M Atitoa
2003 Denise Walker and Peggy Wikaira
2004 Denise Walker and Peggy Wikaira
2005 Denise Walker and Peggy Wikaira
2006 Honey Patu and Lou Williams
2007 Mihi George and S George
2008 Denise Hakeagatoa and Maria Siavale
2009 Peggy Wikaira and Lou Williams
2010 T Tupou and T Maua
2011 Maxine Taaka and May Houkamo
2012 Maxine Taaka and Lorene Gilliam

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mike, Tom, Lorene and Maxine Win APDE Pairs

Mike Collett with Tom Williams defeated John Sinclair with Sam Bryant 3 to 1 in the final of the APDE Men's Pairs held at West City Darts Association club rooms , 103 Glen Road, Ranui earlier today. John and Sam started each leg in the final winning the bull each time. Mike and Tom won the first leg in 23 darts, John and Sam won the second 25 darts. Mike and Tom won the next in 24 darts. Tom scored a pressure 108 finish with John and Sam waiting on 40. Mike and Tom won the last leg in 21 darts with Mike finishing on 74. This was the first time Mike and Tom had won the pairs. Mike had been runner-up on three previous occasions with Maurice Wikaira.  Third equal were Tukino Weko with Chris Robson and Shaun Duval with Lloyd Tuck. Fifth equal were Tama Kiliyui with Ollie Kave, Barry Kapa with Sonny Matekurae, Monty Tuhua with Geoff Koster and Ron Wynd with Louis Kunz.
Lorene Gilliam with Maxine Taaka defeated Malia Ioane with Rachel Phillips in the ladies final. Maxine won the title last year with May Houkamo who has since passed on. May was given a special cheer by the audience at the trophy presentation led by Maxine. Third equal were Peggy Wikaira with Pine Heke and Kit Bennett with Dauria Dix. Fifth equal were Meri TeHuia with Venus Te Whare, Te Paeru Ngatuakana with Mata Tuao, Kristal McDermott with Amber Neverman and Denise Hakegatoa with Maria Siavale.
Most 160 starts men was John Sinclair (2) and Mike Collett (2). Ladies highest start Joan Nathan 160.
Men's highest finish 143 Steve Goldsmith. Ladies highest finish 160 Roimata TeKena. Most men's 180's Marc Skinns (3). Ladies most 180's Lorene Gilliam (2).
The day was well run and organised by Raewyn Heavey with the assistance of Girl Kahaki with Jenny Heavey.
This competition has been run since 1962. The ladies trophy is still about but the men's has gone missing. If anyone has it please return to Raewyn or Girl.

Sunday News Mixed Three's THis Sunday 23/9/12

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Auckland Open This Coming Saturday 22/9/12

West City Club Night Results 13/9/12

Monty Tuhua with Steve Holt defeated Anthony Benitez with Dave McNamara in the final of the drawn pairs held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. There were 18 pairs entered and 11 qualifiers. Third equal were Olivia Cureen with Tony Lee and Dave Cureen with Blair Hutchinson. Fifth equal were Mike Day with Loretta Hunter, Mike Radford with Nathan Holt, Jeff Harrold with Steve Hanley and Pine Heke with Pat O'Connell.
180's were scored by Tony Lee (2), Steve Hanley, Blair Neverman (2), Mike Day and Peter Page (2).
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players are welcome. $5 entry.

Friday, September 14, 2012

16 days left to get your entry in for Maori Tournament

16 days left to get your entry in for the maori tournament. Entries need to go to your Association secretary by 1st October. Entry available to NZDC registered players only. If not registered approach your local Association to register. Registration through West City Darts Association is $50 some other associations may have cheaper registration.

ADA Open Singles 14 October 2012

West Auckland Darts Summer League

Those players wanting to enter teams in the West Auckland Darts Summer League need to send details and fees to Jo, Brook, 2/47 Zita Maria Drive, Massey, Fees can be banked at WADSL bank account 02-1257-0036546-000 reference your team name, $20 per player. Registrations close 1 st October 2012. Proposed start Friday 12th October.

DPNZ rankings

The latest rankings can be found clicking the link to the right to Craig Dunn's  DartsNZL site.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Biffo Designs

Whilst I was in Australia last month at the Festival of Darts a few players had dart shirts designed by Biffo Darts who are a new business based in Melbourne that make customised dart shirts. Above is an example. If it is something that interests you and you wish to see more designs or order a shirt go to 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dinx Cassidy Singles 18/11/12

APDE Pairs This Sunday 16/9/12

The APDE pairs are being held this Sunday at the Wesy City Darts Association clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Check in by 10.30 am and play starts at 11 am. Last year's men's winners were Gary Whyte and Terry Constable. The ladies winners were May Houkamau and Maxine Taaka. This is a closed tournament so to play you need to have been nominated by your club.

Open Tournament At Royal George Tonight

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finishing with Goochie

Whilst in Hawkes Bay recently I had a chat with Steve Gooch known as Goochie by most. Steve is a very accomplished dart player and been playing darts since he was a junior. He has won many things including a NZDC men's singles title in 2004. He had been on my qualifying card and I noted he had what I thought were odd ways of finishing. He explained to me his thinking on;

- 53. If you have two darts left and it is a pressure situation Steve favours single 17 and double 36 rather than the usual single 13 and double tops. He says if you slip into the single 3 first dart it still gives you a bull shot or even triple 17 leaves double 1. If you go for 13 and you slip into 6 or 4 you have no shot. Steve contends the more vertical singles are easier to get than the more horizontal as you throw tends to be to a vertical line so more chance on vertical line if shot is high or low you will still hit target.

- 70. Steve with three darts always goes bull double 10. If he hits 25 then he goes single 5, another vertical single and then double tops. If he hits bull and double 10 it can psychological upset rhythm of opposition to see it done that way. If he mises bull or 25 and hits a single he can hit one more single and then go for a double.

- 114. Steve shanghai's the 19's. Triple 19, single 19 and double 19. If you hit a single seven you still have a chance. Alternative if first dart hits triple 19 would be single 17 and double tops.

Wanganui Open Mixed Pairs 28/10/12

Castlecliff Mixed Pairs 21/10/12

Wanganui Dart Open 20/10/12

Monday, September 10, 2012

Adult and Youth Tournament Results

Steve and Nathan Holt defeated Rod and Josh Penney in the final of a Region 2 Adult and Youth tournament held at the West City Darts association club rooms on Sunday afternoon 9/9/12. There were 21 entries and 11 qualifiers.
Third equal were Daniel Smith with Lucas Gardiner and Mike Day with Mathew Day. Fifth equal were Blair with Aimee Holt, Blair Hutchinson with Tanaya Wikaira, Terry Constable and Maria Siavale.
The highest finish was Daniel Smith with 137. Mike Day hit 2 x 180 and Pine Heke 1 x 180.
Congratulations to Nathan Holt for exceptional play in the final.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Early Report Hawkes Bay Puma Open.

Peter Hunt defeated Steve Gooch 6 to 3 in the final of the men's Hawkes Bay DPNZ Puma Open held on Saturday at the National Service Club, Hastings. Peter won the bull so started first. He threw an 18 darter to win that leg finishing on 145. In the second leg he finished with 13 darts. He took the third leg in 17 darts. In the fourth leg Steve came back with a 21 darter. Peter took the fifth leg in 20 darts finishing on 72. In the sixth leg Steve had 220 left when he hit 180 and then double tops first dart on his next throw to finish in 13 darts. Peter came back with a 14 darter finishing on 78. Steve then hit a 15 darter finishing on 80. Peter hit the winning leg with a 17 darter.
Peter's average for the 9 legs played was 27.496 per dart. Steve's average was 27.1 per dart.
In the ladies final Selina Baker-Clemas defeated Anna Neho 6 to 5.
A feature of the open were the new rules where you follow the PDC toss for bull rule. You only throw for the bull once at the beginning and that is the order for play. You do not go for Bull if tied and there is a deciding leg.
Also it was all straight start off a card and best of 5 then later best of 7, then 9 and 11. Consistent players have more chance of coming through I think.
Full results will no doubt be posted on Big Ken's North Otago site when they come to hand. I did not stay for he finish of the men's and ladies pairs on the Sunday as the players in our party were knocked out early and we headed for home.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Monty wins club night singles 6/9/12

Monty Tuhua defeated Mike Day,  3 to 2, in the West City Darts Association men's club night singles held at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui last night. There were 34 players entered. Third equal were Peter Page and Anthony Benitez. Fifth equal were Dave Curreen, Jeff Harrold, Steve Hanley and Nathan Holt. Jeff Harrold is pictured. He will be playing in Hastings this weekend.
In the ladies club night singles Pine Heke defeated Lou Williams in the final.. Third equal were Olivia Curreen and Stacey Heavey.
180's scored were Peter Page (2), Monty Tuhua, Mike Radford and Mike Day. Highest finish 118 by Mike Day.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players are welcome. $5 entry.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Waikato Puma Open 17/2/2013

The date has Been Changed for this tournament. It is now 29/9 and not 22/9

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Darts at Royal George Tonight 5/9/12

Monday, September 3, 2012

APDE Men's Singles Winners

John Dodunski from Hamilton has won this trophy the most having won it five times. The next closest is Monty Tuhua and Gary Alcock with 4.
2012 - Monty Tuhua
2011 - Sam Bryant
2010 -  Ken Moir
2009 - Ken Moir
2008 - John Sinclair
2007 - Tom Williams
2006 - Rob Grant
2005 - John Dodunski
2004 - John Dodunski
2003 - Sam Bryant
2002 - Monty Tuhua
2001 - Monty Tuhua
2000 - John Dodunski
1999 - John Dodunski
1998 - Sonny Harris
1997 - John Dodunski
1996 - Sonny Harris
1995 - W.Short
1994 - Sonny Harris
1993 - W. Short
1992 - G. Alcock
1991 - L.Harris
1990 - Monty Tuhua
1989 - D Te Kani
1988 - Des Heavey
1987 - N Malaki
1986 - Dave Noble
1985 - Dave Noble
1984 - G. Alcock
1983 - Jim Boy Thompson
1982 - G. Alcock
1981 - G. Alcock
1980 - P.Kalopulu
1979 - N.Malaki
1978 - Bill Rose
1977 - J. Boyland
1976 - A.Wakelin
1975 - A.Wakelin
1974 - C.Pengelly
1973 - M.Gilgren
1972 - J.Boyland
1971 - G. Speechly
1970 - O. Granich
1969 - C.Harris
1968 - Ron Glavish
1967 - A. Prince
1966 - B. Samuels
1965 - D. Rollo
1964 - J.Walker
1963 - S.Talagi
1962 - O. Granich
1961 - J. Baney
1960 - M.Antonovich
1959 - V. Dillistone

Monty and Nga Win APDE Singles

Monty Tuhua defeated Sonny Harris 3 to 1 in the final of the APDE men's singles held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Monty won the first leg in 21 darts. He finished on 107 by hitting bull, single 17 and tops. He often goes that way on numbers like 106, 105 etc. He is the only one I see do it. Most go the more conventional way. Sonny got the second leg in 23 darts. Monty hit 180 in the next leg and finished in 22 darts and won the final leg in 19 darts. Third equal were John Dodunski and Brendon Deed. Fifth equal were Robert Grant, Steve Davis, Cody Harris and Blair Hutchinson. There were 22 qualifiers.
The best leg I saw was in an earlier game where Monty played last year's winner Sam Bryant and Sam hit a 12 darter. I also saw Sam loose do last year's runner-up in Brendon Deed a revenge match. Brendon won the final leg hitting bull, single 4 and tops to finish on 94.
Nga Smythe defeated Kit Bennett in the ladies final. Third equal were Mata Tuao and Malia Ioana. Fifth equal were Paeru Ngatuakana, Peggy Wikaira, Lorraine Pike and Maxine Taaka.
Most 160 starts was Sam Bryant with three. Highest finish Sonny Harris with 152. In the ladies highest start Kit Bennett with 130. Highest ladies finish Peggy Wikaira with 120.
The day was well organised and run by Raewyn Heavey and Girl Kahaki. The ladies trophy has been missing for about three years so if anyone knows where it please return it to Girl or Raewyn.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DPNZ/ CLUBS NZ season starts today 1/9/12

The Dart Players NZ and Clubs NZ dart season starts today. All players ranking points go back to zero and away we go again. For those that do not know how everything works what basically happens is that players play in 6 Puma Opens of their choosing. There are 12 in total. They play in their Area singles, Island singles and National singles and accumulate points. At the end of the last tournament which is the Clubs NZ Nationals the top four ranked men and top four ranked NZ women become the NZ team and travel to Australia to play in the Festival of Darts which is 5 singles tournaments and a test against Australia. The number one man also gets to go to England and play in the PDC world darts championships . This year Dave Harrington was number 1 and will represent NZ. The spot for 2013 is now up for grabs again. If that is something you would like to be involved in if you click on the link to Big ken's North Otago darts site on the right hand side and you will find the 2012/2013 DPNZ Playing Itinerary.
In addition to the above four of the Puma Opens that will be designated as double DPNZ and DPA points. That does not mean you get twice as much points it means Dart Players Australia players can come over and play in them to get points for the DPA rankings. It means NZ players getting points have them credited to the DPA rankings and also the Aussies have points credited to DPNZ. Sounds complicated and what is the advantage. If you win one you get to be eligible to play in the tournament of champions at the Festival of Darts where you will play other top international dart players. This year Phil Taylor and Simon Whitlock played as an example. Also if you play in all 4 your are eligible from my reading of the DPA site to play in the Oceanic Masters which is held in October. This year it is in Canberra but it has been played in NZ in the past and maybe again. If you win that you get entry into the PDC world Dart Championships in England. You could also go to the Festival of darts play in 4 of the DPA singles held there and be eligible.
So that is a rough idea of what it is all about. the first tournament is this coming Saturday, 8/9/12 in Hastings. The poster is further down the blog if you scroll down. There is a pairs the next day. Major change from last year that the DPNZ tournaments are going to be straight start. I think the area, islands and Nationals are still going to be double start.
There is a tournament scheduled for Taupo on 22/9/12 which clashes with the Auckland Open. I heard on the dart vine that this might be going to be shifted to the 29/9/12. If I get confirmation I will post it on the blog.
In playing 6 Puma opens you did not have to travel Cook Strait to the South Island as there are 6 in each island so that makes most of them drivable and economic if there is group of you. Some tournaments are going to offer more money this season. West City has put a bid in for the Auckland Puma Open. We if we get it will be offering $500 for the men's winner and $300 for the ladies winner. I heard on the dart vine another tournament in another part of the country is going to offer $5000 in total prize money. That is still to be confirmed.
I will be heading to Hastings so I might see you there. I know of 6 Aucklanders planning to make the trip. We will be leaving at 4am Saturday morning because of work and other things so that is going to be one hard day. I will be driving but I know my passengers will be sleeping. I played in a few but not all last year and enjoyed it. I enjoy the travel, getting away from the usual routine of work and home. You meet some nice people and it is very social. Sometimes the results are not that good but it is always fun. If you travel in a group to share costs and you are good enough to win prize money it need not cost that much. A few times we have driven back to Auckland and got home at 1 am on the Monday morning and I have to get out a bed at 6am to get ready for work and I have thought why I am doing this. But a week later I have forgotten the tiredness, the hangover and I am ready to go again.
All the best to everyone who intends to play their way around the circuit this year. Ka kite ono.

West City Club Night 30/8/12

Mike Day Defeated Monty Tuhua in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles held on Thursday night at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. There were 37 players and 19 qualifiers.
Third equal were Steve Hanley and Tony Lee. Fifth equal were Blair Wilcock, Peter Page, Dave Ellis and Anthony Benitez. Anthony is pictured above..
180's Geoff Koster (3), Haki Heke (1), Steve Holt (2), Marc Skinns (1), Monty Tuhua (2), Jim Hennah (1), Mike Day (1), Steve Hanley (1), Anthony Benitez (1), Shaun Duval (2) and Dave Ellis (1).
100+ finishes Monty Tuhua (1), Steve Hanley (2) and Dave Ellis (1).
Aimee Holt, aged 13 yrs, highest score 140. Also congratulations to Haki Heke, aged 15 years, getting his first 180. Haki got that 180 playing me. I am sure he will hit many more if he keeps going the way he is.
Club nights are held every Thursday evening from 7 pm. All players are welcome. $5 entry.