Sunday, August 12, 2012

Region 11 Labour Weekend Tournmanet

There is a bit of a trend emerging of large money tournments being organised outside the auspices of the NZDC or DPNZ. The advantage is you can have them on any date that suits you, under what ever format suits you and you do not have to pay a fee to the NZDC or DPNZ. Disadvantages are no ranking points which might attract more players and possible clashes of dates that do not work to your advantage. This joins the Taranaki Open which is held at Easter as part of the trend. The main goal is to make a profit. If you do not make a profit or at least break even your tournament is probably not going to last that long. Good luck to these organisers. I will not be going as I am entered in the NZ National RSA tournament in Papakura that weekend otherwise I would have considered it. They will get a lot of entries from throughout the Lower North island. The NZDC Dunedin singles is that weekend but they would not have got anyone from the South Island to travel to Greytown I do not think anyway so they would not miss out on players .

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  1. Hopefully with success in its first tournament and success in next years tournament this will become a Nationally recognized tournament and will gain ranking points.
    Tournaments have to start somewhere and looking at the quality of players turning out, the future is looking bright already.
    There are plenty of players with many years of experience helping to run this tourney. None more so than John Bright.
    With the aid of sponsors supporting this tournament, it is well on the road to being a regular annual tourney.
    Congrats to Region 11 and I wish you and your region every success over the weekend.
    Most dart players would not hesitate coming to a tournament knowing they will be up against the best in the business.
    Some of the ex and existing NZ Black Flights players attending are:
    Greg Moss
    Peter Hunt
    Jonathan Silcock
    Wayne Carey
    Craig Caldwell
    Also contend with Neville Moss
    Poss Archibald

    May all your darts fly straight and true.