Saturday, August 4, 2012

NZDC Nationals 2012

The New Zealand Dart Council National Dart championships start tomorrow Sunday 5th August with the Region games and go through to Friday. A lot of players will have travelled to Rotorua today. Good luck to the Auckland men and ladies region teams. It is about time they won those region titles.

I am going down later in the week to play in the NZ Open, NZ Singles and Men's pairs. So there will not be much blogging this week. I will blog when I get back on Saturday.

Of interest to me this week is the selection of the NZ team. The NZDC has not indicated to my knowledge that they intend to send a team to the Asia-Pacific Cup in Darwin later this year. They did not send a team to the World Cup last year because of finances so there is a question mark whether they will send a team to Darwin this year or not. I hope a team is sent.If one is sent it will be four men and two ladies.

They do not have a selection policy so how they select can be a mystery. My observations of what has gone on in past years is that the team tends to be a tournament team. If your form/results are good through the week you stand a good chance of getting in. The incumbent team members are there first and to get past them players have to play better. It is no good being as good as a current team member you need to clearly out perform them.

Good luck to everyone. I will see you there maybe.


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