Sunday, August 12, 2012

NZ Nationals Rotorua

I have just got back from the NZDC Nationals at Rotorua which I very much enjoyed. I was only there for the last three days.

That is my first time to play at that venue and I thought it was better than the Palmerston North and Nelson venues where it has been held in recent years. It was about the perfect size. I found the other two venues quite cold and that maybe because the halls are larger and harder to heat perhaps.

The NZDC have named their NZ team on their website and it it is quite a strong team. Hopefully they do well.

Being a true blue Aucklander I am always disappointed when there are no Aucklanders in the team but looking at the overall results none of them did anything that would have made them worthy of consideration. Although the Auckland men won the region title but that seems to have been about it. The strength of NZ darts seems to lie in the Lower North island, Wellington and Canterbury with the odd good players from other areas.

I am flying to Australia tomorrow so will not be blogging for a week. There are about 50 kiwis heading over for the Golden Festival of Darts. At a local level I am 100 per cent behind my club. At a national level 100 per cent behind Auckland. If it is North versus South I am 100 per cent behind the North. Internationally I am 100 per cent behind the Kiwis. So I will be in Australia. Hopefully we can do the business and bring back some of that Aussie money and trophies back to NZ. John Key needs the money to help our economy. Those Aussies have got too much of it. Ka kite ano.


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