Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mike Day Wins The Ashes 16/8/12

Mike Day defeated Steve Hanley in the final of the Ashes held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on Thursday night. Third equal were Geoff Koster and Marc Skinns. Fifth equal were Anthony Benitez, Geoffrey Wells, Tony Lee and Blair Hutchinson.

180's were scored by Mike Radford (2), Blair Hutchinson, Jeff Harrold, Steve Holt, Mike Day (2), Steve Hanley (2) and Geoff Koster.

Highest finishes were Anthony Benitez 122, Marc Skinns 103, Pine Heke 140, Tony Lee 164, Joseph Gallina 117, David Cureen 129, Monty Tuhua 136 and Dean Webster 108.

The Ashes tournament is an annual open memorial tournament for all the players from West City who have passed on.

Darts are played every Thursday from 7 pm at the clubrooms. All players are welcome.


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