Monday, July 2, 2012

West City Singles Championship Results

Monty Tuhua defeated Geoffrey Wells in the final of the West City Darts Association championship men's singles held at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road on Sunday afternoon. Third equal were Blair Hutchinson and Dean Webster. Fifth equal were Heemi Johnson, Jimmy Hennah, Gary Whyte and Mike Radford. 180's were scored by Monty Tuhua (2), Mike Day (2), Llloyd Tomkins, Geoff Koster and Blair Hutchinson. Highest finish 109 Steve Hanley, 115 Nic Jatlov.

Peggy Wikaira defeated Kristal McDermott in the final of the ladies singles. Third equal were Rita Wells and Colleen Curreen. Highest finish 110 Peggy Wikaira. 180 Peggy Wikaira.

Both Monty and Peggy have won these titles before.


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