Sunday, July 22, 2012

Results Tokoroa Mixed Threes

A team of Peter Page, Peggy Wikaira and Maurice Wikaira defeated a team of Lou Tai, Mayreen Tai and Robbie Dick 4 to 3 in the final of the 15th Annual Tokoroa Mixed Threes held at the Tokoroa Cosmopolitan club, Tokoroa earlier today. There were about 30 pairs entered and 16 qualifiers. Teams from Waihi, Rotorua and the Waikato played. The furthest travellers were Peter Page and Peggy Wikaira from Auckland.

A number of players scored 180's and as there was a prize for the most. As no one had got more than one there was a playoff for the prize. Each player had 9 darts to get the biggest score. Tama Rueben of the Ohaupo Club scored 300 with his 9 darts to scoop the prize. The highest ladies finish went to Mihi Pike. The highest men's finish was 124 for a player from the Rotorua Citizens club. I am sorry I am a bit light on the detail I did not have the presence of mind to make notes at the prize giving.

The last Tokoroa threes was won by Janette Jonathan, Bill Fergus and Jamie Smith. They were not there this time so it gave others the opportunity. This was my third year there and nice to get a team to play in and nice to get a win. Sometimes I have just been the driver.

We left Auckland at 6.30 am and got to Tokoroa at 9 am. I had my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast when I got there. Play started at 11 am. The last card finished at 3 pm so it was a long day. It was best of 5 legs on the card so that is why it took a bit longer. We managed a bye and two wins to sneak into the main round.

We were fortunate to win our first three knock out games 3 to nil. The games were closer than the scoreline suggest. I cannot remember too much about the final other than it being  3 all after 6 legs and we had to play a seventh and deciding leg. Our team scored well in that leg and after 18 darts we had 35 left. I went up to throw with plenty of confidence and self-belief. I went for single 3 to leave double 16 but hit triple 3 to leave 26. I practice all the doubles on the board so just went for it. It went in and that was that.

After prize giving 7 of us went to the Chinese takeaway across the road from the club and had a meal before heading home. We left Tokoroa at 7 pm and were home at 9.30 pm.

That guy in the red shirt in the photo above needs to go and see Jenny Craig. I keep telling him to stop drinking that cheap bourbon and coke but he will not listen.

The next trip is the NZDC nationals at Rotorua.  We are only going down for the Open, singles and pairs. Do bad there is not a mixed threes I might stand a chance. Heh heh.


  1. Well done Peter Page. You have playing really well this year.

  2. Its about time you turned the Page...