Friday, July 6, 2012

Monty Wins Club Night Singles 6/7/12

Monty Tuhua defeated Mike Radford in the West City club night singles. Third equal were Steve Hanley and Anthony Benitez. Fifth equal were Peter Page, Mike Day, Nathan Holt and Dave Curreen. 29 players took part. 180's Blair neverman (2), Mike Day, Peter Page, Steve Hanley, Dave McNamara, Colleen Curreen, Mike Radford, Geoff Koster and Monty Tuhua. Highest finishes Blair neverman 124, Mike Day 120, 114  and Colleen Curreen 146.

Monty is making a habit this year of winning. He is loosing the odd game on his card but not very often in the knock out round. He is having a purple patch. Good luck to Monty at the Clubs NZ Nationals in Blenhiem next week. He is in top four contention to win a spot in the DPNZ team to go to Australia in August. Monty has quite a bit of success over the years winning different titles in singles and pairs. At the NZDC nationals he was runner up in the singles one year. He has been in plenty of Auckland and North Island teams but never quite made a National team although he has played at times well enough to have been in such a team. I have my fingers crossed for Monty at Blenhiem. I hope he makes it. You need a little bit of luck with the draw and little bit of luck in games sometimes to get through. The games can be so close and the players so even in skill.


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