Monday, July 9, 2012

Latest DPNZ Ranking Points 9/7/12

Men: (1)  Dave Harrington 88, (2) Warren French 84, (3) Craig Dunn 78, (4) Neville Herbert 64, (5) Warren Parry 60, (6) Monty Tuhua 56, (7) Shane Tishowitsch Aus 56, (8) Peter Hunt 48, (9) Sean Reed Aus 44, (10) Richard Te Whero 44, (11) Craig Ross 44. (12) Wayne Carey 44.

Those are the top men They are the only ones that can make the top 4 with one event left to play in the Nationals in Blenheim this week. There are 267 names on the ranking list. I have not bothered to list them as none of them have enough points to make it even if they win the singles on Saturday. The top 4 go to Australia to play in 4 or 5 tournaments at the Festival of Darts on the Gold Coast and play in a test against the Australians. The two Australians on the list Reed and Tishowitsch are ineligible so forget them. Warren Parry is still recovering from a shoulder operation and apparently not going to the Nationals so discount him. If players are tied on equal points for the fourth spot then it is the player that goes the furthest at the Nationals gets the spot. Also you need to attend the Nationals and play also. Dave Harrington, Warren French and Craig Dunn just have to turn up to make the team. It does not matter if they get points or not as they have so many no one can catch them. The maximum points for winning the singles at the Nationals is 20. So the contest is on really for the fourth spot which Neville Herbert has on 64. He can be caught or passed by the others. The number one male gets the trip to England to play in the PDC World Dart Championships in Late December. The way the points are only Harrington, French and Dunn can get that spot.

Ladies: (1) Jane Harrington 96, (2) Sarah Pitama 88, (3) Chrissy Hay 76, (4) Peggy Wikaira (68) (5) Tara Mears 60, (6) Rosalie Ritchie 52.

In the ladies the top three cannot be caught. So the contest is for fourth spot held by Peggy Wikaira. Only Tara Mears and Rosalie Ritchie have enough points to pass Peggy if they do well.

I am a great supporter of the DPNZ and their system but you can see some imbalances in the system. In some of the smaller tournaments there are only about 30 entries yet you get 20 points for winning. If you play in the Nationals with maybe 200 entries you still only get 20 points for winning yet it is a much harder task.


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