Saturday, July 21, 2012

Joining Club NZ

West City Darts association has been a member of Clubs NZ for about two years and has always been a member of the NZ Darts Council. It means the members can play in New Zealand Dart Council events and Clubs NZ Darts events. For those that do not know the New Zealand Dart Council and Clubs NZ control darts in NZ at a national level. Both organisations organise ranking events and National tournaments and both select NZ representative teams.

The club decided to join Clubs NZ as some  members of the Association were playing in Clubs NZ events for other clubs as they could not do it through West City as the club was not affiliated. It was a way for the members to play in both systems and not have to be a member of more than one club.

When I was at the Clubs NZ Nationals in Blenheim recently a member of the executive of another Darts Association asked me what the process was as his club is considering doing the same thing. It is a pretty simple process if an Association wants to consider it. You just fill out the application form which you can get from the Clubs NZ website. Send it in with a membership list, a copy of your constitution and other details.
You will be visited by your Clubs NZ area representative and other Clubs NZ clubs in your area are asked if they object. Once you are past that you pay $5 per member per year and that's it. We have at present about 80 odd members so pay $400 odd dollars per year. I had some club membership cards made with each members details on it. Each card has the NZDC symbol and the Clubs NZ symbol on it. Each card cost about $2. Maybe a little less. So the costs to join are not prohibitive and become part of our club membership which is $50 per year.

Our club was not the first to do this. The players from the Ohaupo Darts Association in the Waikato play from the Ohaupo Bowling Club and were doing it for some years before us.


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