Monday, July 16, 2012

Clubs NZ Nationals Results 2012

I am back from the Club NZ Nationals. Needless to say I drank too much and ate too much. It was a very enjoyable event and well run.

The results can be found on Capital Darts if you click the link to the right. The NZ team is on Big Ken's North Otago site again click link to the right.

I was impressed with the venue. It is one of the larger clubs in NZ and has 10,000 members. It seems to be utilised by the whole community of Blenhiem.

It is probably large enough for a NZDC nationals. Maybe sometime in the future NZDC will look at holding events in a Club NZ venue. The surroundings and comfort a lot better than the stadiums they use now. It would be cheaper I expect. I know the NZDC run its Nationals at a loss. This might be away to break even or make a profit. Venues I have seen that would be large enough would be the Invercargill Working Men's clubs, the Hornby Club in Christchurch and even the upstairs of the Onehunga Working Men's club in Auckland. The advantage would be that there is no hireage fee. The hosting club makes such a profit from the players they are only too happy to be the host. Maybe it will happen sometime in the future.

Another thing I was impressed with was the tremendous sportsmanship and graciousness of the players win or loose.


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