Sunday, July 1, 2012

ADA Graded Singles/Pairs results Sat 30/6/12, held at West City Clubrooms

Singles Results:

Prems: Winner- Monty Tuhua (West City). Runner-up: Peter Page (West City). 180's Monty (3), Leon Sergeev (1). Highest Start 160- Jim Hennah. Highest Score Geoff Koster 140. Highest Finish Monty 135.

Star: Winner Blair Hutchinson (West City). Runner up Stephen Holt (West City). 180's Blair Hutchinson(1), Steve Holt(1). Highest Start Blair Neverman 125. Highest Score Steve Holt 140.

A Grade: Winner Josh Penney (Mahuta), Runner up Collen Curreen (West City). Highest start 110 Rob Scott. Highest Score Jennie Heavey 140. Highest Finish 89 Josh Penney.

B Grade: Winner Charlie Siavale ( Pukaki). Runner up: Emma Heavey (Wewst City). Highest start 120 Charlie Siavale. Highest score 104 Emma Heavey. Highest Finish 60 Emma Heavey.

Pairs Results:

Prems: Monty Tuhua and Geoff Koster (West City). Runners up: Steve Holt and Marc Skinns (West City). 180 Mal Berry. Highest Start 146 Henry Ford. Highest score 140 Jim hennah. Highest Finish 117 Marc Skinns. 180 Tama killuyi.

Star: Winners Blair Hutchinson and Blair Neverman (West City) Runners up Jennie and Raewyn Heavey (West City) 180 Blai Hutchinson.

A Grade: Winners: Maria Siavale (MUDC) and Latz Tekana (Jokers). Runners up: Colleen Curreen and Nathan Holt (West City). Highest start 100 Colleen Curreen. Highest Score 140 Nathan Holt. Highest Finish 87 Jeanette Scott.

B Grade: Winners: Charlie Siavale and James Kelly (Pukaki). Runners up: Emma Heavey amd Lou Williams (West City). Highest Score: 140 Emma Heavey. Highest Finish 40 Annexe Erickson.

Monty Tuhua is pictured. The day was organised by Girl Kahaki, Jill McDonald and Raewyn Heavey.


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