Sunday, July 8, 2012

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I am on the way to Blenhiem this coming Tuesday to go to the Club NZ Nationals and will not be blogging I do not think till I get back. Unless I find a handy computor there and have something to report. So this site will be quiet for a week.

I started the blog about three years ago mainly to report what was going on at the West City darts Association where I am the current Treasurer. It was just a way of publising the club and reminding people we were there, where we were and inviting people to come and play. From that point of view it has been quite successful. The blog plus other things have bought our membership up from a low of about 25 four years ago to over 80 at present and might hit a hundred by the end of the year.

Because we are on the internet people searching darts in Auckland strike our site. This has meant new members and we even have hosted the odd corporate event where groups like Flight Centre have hired the hall and had a social get together with a few games of darts. Potential players from other parts of Auckland, where it has been too far for them to travel to the West for a game, I have directed to other clubs and associations closer to where they live.

This year is about the sixth year I have been on the committee at West City. I have led various posts. The latest being treasurer. I intend to stand down at our AGM at the end of the year and give someone else the opportunity. Arriving at the club I intended to be just a player but got roped into administration by the committee at the time. That work has meant probably an average of 4 hours a week on club business. You have to find that time between playing, work, family life and other interests. The spark I had to do that sort of thing has waned a little in recent years and it is time for enthusiastic others to have a go. I have met quite a few darts administrators around NZ in my travels and my hat goes off to them all. It is done for the love of the game and the love of the people involved and for no other reason.

I intend to keep writing and reporting on this blog and have some plans to expand it and put more time and energy into it come 2013. It was started as I said just to report on West City news but now covers more things in the Auckland area and some things around NZ. The blog gets about a 100 hits a day which is not bad for a minority sport. It does not make any money to speak off. Each time a google ad is opened by a reader I get a few cents. After 30,000 and more hits it is about $70 from advertising which I have not collected off google just yet. They post a cheque when you hit $100.

I have invited a few people over the years to be guest bloggers but no one has taken up the invitation. If you want to write something e-mail me at and send an article and or photos.

Darts is not or next to never reported by the mainstream media in NZ. It is a sub-culture enjoyed  by a small group of maybe 5,000 or 10,000 people in this country. Not understood by anyone who has not played or been involved. One of the younger players at my club was telling me that he had a certain girlfriend he had been going out with from school days. He broke up with her. At this time of the break up he became interested in darts and subsequently a player in our club. He now plays up to 3 or 4 times a week. He is on his way to being obsessed. He then reconciled with his girlfriend and she came with him on occasion to darts. She could not understand what had happened to him and why he was taken and devoted to the game. The beauty of this game and way of life it encompasses is only known to those who take part and outsiders find it difficult to understand. I remember on another occasion being at a large dart tournament somewhere where there were a few hundred players. It may have been at a Clubs NZ North Island championship. A young lady came into the venue about 9 am. She knew nothing about darts or its culture but was a guest of one of the players. I chatted to her and she was in shock. She never seen so many people queuing at the bar and drinking at that time in the morning and said so. Darts may be the last refuge of people who are politically incorrect but are not aware that they are.

Anyway long may this way of life continue.


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